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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Sep 27, 2001)
While the PS2 competition from 989 Sports and Konami won?t hit the ice until November at the earliest, NHL 2002 plays so well that it?s this year?s front-running favorite. If you?re interested in hockey in the slightest, this is the game to buy.
The only complaint I have with the game is indeed minor. I can’t stand the font used in the statistical menus. It seriously sucks! Other than that, I love this game…perhaps even more than my family. An absolute must for hockey fans!
93 (Nov 13, 2001)
Kompliment! Nach der vor allem grafisch enttäuschenden Version 2001 hat EA in die Vollen gegriffen und präsentiert mit NHL 2002 ein ausgereiftes Produkt. Gute Grafik, eine in jeder Hinsicht phänomenale Soundkulisse und die gewohnt gute Spielbarkeit sollten jeden Eishockey-Konsolero zufrieden stellen können. Natürlich wird man sich daran ereifern können, dass die meisten Verbesserungen nur unwesentlich und kosmetischer Natur sind. Doch einerseits bietet die PS2 erst gar nicht die Möglichkeiten eines Updates und zum anderen ist die Auswahl an Eishockeyspielen wirklich mehr als dünn gesät. EA hat mit NHL 2002 nicht nur die momentane Eishockey-Referenz geschaffen sondern auch einen definitiven Kandidaten für das Sportspiel des Jahres abgeliefert.
PSX Extreme (Nov 24, 2001)
Overall, what is left to say about NHL 2002? If you are a hockey fan then you should easily already have this game. However, if you are still debating whether or not this game is worth your $50, then let me make it easy for you; NHL 2002 is presently the best hockey title out right now, in my opinion. The replay value makes this game worth every penny, and your friends will love you for having it. If you have a multi-tap then NHL 2002 is a must-have on your shelf. For the rest of you, you simply won't find an NHL title more fun and addicting out right now.
Gamezilla (Oct 22, 2001)
With NHL 2002, plan on getting solid gameplay and strong single player modes with great graphics and sound. Not only will you get your money's worth, but you’ll probably still be playing it when NHL 2003 is released. This certainly builds a case for the most complete hockey game currently on the market and if you’re a hockey fan, you won’t want to pass this one by.
Gaming Target (Nov 14, 2001)
NHL 2002 once again continues EA Sports’ tradition of great hockey games from the company. While it is still not in the same league as the old 16-bit games, this is as close as it has gotten. Perhaps NHL 2003 will inch just that much closer to the glory of NHL ’96. But until then, if you love hockey games, give NHL 2002 a try. You’ll be sure to enjoy the well-rounded and entertaining game of hockey by the folks who do it best.
Game Revolution (Oct, 2001)
So there you have it. EA has put together a nice little gaming ice sculpture in the shape of a heart. Feel the love. Check out NHL 2002.
Perhaps the perfect hockey game will never be developed, since the sports’ fans are so very demanding, but NHL 2002 makes another small step towards that goal. Demonstrating an improved familiarity with the PS2 hardware, this chapter in the series’ saga smoothes out some minor frame rate issues and manages to bring a more natural look to the players’ faces and movements. The triumphant return of a career mode, this time boasting a ten-season capacity, will have those enamored with the single player game jumping for joy. The AI has been tweaked and improved overall, and allows players to customize their difficulty settings in terms of aggressiveness, goalie skill and more. The goalies are still a bit of a sore point, however, since a single defender can run the gamut from godlike to pylon within a single period with little rhyme or reason. Despite a few minor quirks like this, NHL 2002 continues a tradition of excellence and should be a critical part of any hockey fan’s collection.
PSM (Dec, 2001)
NHL 2002 may be even better than last year's superb hockey game. It has improved graphics, more options and those cool cards. It's certainly a lot more fun than a mouthful of bloody Chiclets (hockey for broken teeth)!
89 (Nov 07, 2001)
Arcade-Spieler können sich über ein sehr gutes Eishockey-Spiel freuen und sollten sich dieses auch nicht entgehen lassen während Simulationsfans nur zugreifen sollten, falls sie NHL 2001 noch nicht besitzen oder die Schwächen der Vorversion nicht akzeptieren möchten.
GameSpot (Sep 25, 2001)
NHL 2002 is the deepest, most realistic 3D NHL game on the market. Its graphics are impressive, its depth of gameplay modes is staggering, and the gameplay is predominantly tight. Aside from quirky goalie AI and some default settings that must be adjusted, it will be difficult to find a more realistic game of hockey on any system for the next year. If you're a PlayStation 2-owning hockey fan, NHL 2002 is a must-buy. Fans of sports video games in general would also do well to give it a strong look.
GameSpy (Oct 20, 2001)
Tinker and tweak the settings and there is a great game to be had with NHL 2002 on the PS2, regardless of your talent level. The only thing that the PC version has over the PS2 is the ability to play online and plaster your mug in the game. The controls and on ice game play just seem better and more responsive on the PS2. The hot seat in front of a 32" television with friends gives me that special warm and fuzzy feeling that is hard to compare to.
Consoles Plus (Nov, 2001)
Le maniement est plutôt agréable, et graphiquement ça rend plutôt bien. Pour les actions spectaculaires, on bénéficiera de replays superbes agrémentés d'effets de « motion-blur » pêchus. Les fans de la série retrouveront leur lot d'innovations. Quant à ceux qui n'ont pas de jeu de hockey sur PS2, NHL 2002 devrait leur convenir.
85 (Oct 18, 2001)
EA Sports nous livre là une excellente version de son jeu de hockey. Les améliorations apportées relancent l'intérêt des matches et font de ce titre le must du genre que tous les hockeyeurs doivent posséder.
Gamezone (Germany) (Oct 18, 2001)
Neben der tollen Spielbarkeit überzeugen nun auch die ansehnlichen Emotions-Einlagen. Wie z.B. eine spezielle Ansicht mit Herzschlag beim Torschuß und sehenswerte Bodycheck-Attacken. Es ist nun nach einem Tor sogar möglich, seine Freude durch verschiedene Bewegungen, per drücken der Button´s, zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Auch das Kommentar ist absolut gelungen und begleitet die gesamte Eishockey-Stimmung ebenfalls mit viel Emotionen. Neben abwechslungsreichen Kombinationen und ausgetüftelter Angriffsstrategie, können Sie sich auch mit harten Bodychecks durch die Reihen kämpfen. Ab und zu gibt es auch mal ´ne Prügelei. Klar ist auch... typisch für EA Sports, daß man wieder alles nur erdenkliche einstellen kann. So z.B. Spielfluß, Geschwindigkeit, Schlagtechnik, Puckverhalten uvm. Fazit: Ein würdiger und sehr gelungener Nachfolger!
Game Critics (Jan 30, 2002)
NHL 2002 ultimately succeeds at bringing NHL-styled hockey to the XBox. While it isnt a perfect recreation of the worlds "coolest sport," it does a nice job of capturing the major nuances of the game and recreating them in videogame format. Couple that with the great graphics, the amount of replay offered by all the different game modes, and the high level of customization available to the player and you wind up with one very satisfying gaming experience.
Det råder inga tvivel om att det här är det bästa hockeyspelet just nu. Har du både en PlayStation2 och en PC skulle jag nog rekommendera dig att köpa PC-versionen, eftersom den möjliggör ännu mer modifiering från din sida och Internetspel med allt vad det innebär av modemligor och annat skoj. Annars är PlayStation2-versionen ett mycket bra köp och ett stort steg framåt jämfört med förra årets hastprodukt.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 28, 2001)
Despite a few quirks, NHL 2002 still holds its own when it comes to hockey action.