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Oni (PlayStation 2)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Oni Credits

Rockstar New York

Executive ProducerSam Houser
Technical ProducerGary J. Foreman
ProducerJeremy Pope
Rockstar Production TeamTerry Donovan, Jamie Leece, Kevin Gill, Jennifer Kolbe, Jenefer Gross, Jamie King, Jung Kwak, Corey Wade, Amy Salzman, Christopher Carro, Brian Wood, Adam Tedman, Paul Yeates, Stanton A. Sarjeant
Cover Art byLorraine Reyes
Back Manual Cover Art byJacen Burrows
Public RelationsJeff Castaneda
Technical CoordinatorBrandon Rose
QA ManagerJeff Rosa
Game AnalystAdam Davidson
Test TeamLance Williams, Richard Huìe, Joseph Greene, Neil McCaffrey, Mark Garone, Steve Michael Robert

Rockstar Canada

ProducerKevin Hoare
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Brownbill
ProgrammingStephen Orr, Leigh McRae, Kevin Hoare, Paul Glinker
Art Director / Lead ArtistRay Larabie
3D AnimationBrian Shelton
Interface ArtRebecca Ott
Data OptimizationSergei Kuprejanov
Additional Programming / Special ThanksMichael Evans, Chris Butcher
Test TeamJay Penney, Zandro Chan, Arthur Chiang, Shane Anderson

Take 2 Interactive UK

ProducerDarren Anderson
MarketingEmma Rush, Sarah Seaby, Joanna Foster
Public RelationsAmy Curtin
ProductionJon Broadbridge, Chris Madgwick

Tarantula Studios UK

Localization ManagerSteve Marsden
Project ManagerSimon Crisp
Lead ProgrammerChris Jones
Senior ProgrammerDavid Cooke
ProgrammingJames Whitfield
Sound EngineerAnthony Paton
Head Graphics ArtistRussell East
GraphicsRobin Taylor, Ian Watson, Lewis Mann, Ryan Stevenson, Rudi Will, Corrado Trani, Dominic Morris
Q/A ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TesterPhilip Alexander
TestersTimothy Bates, Paul Byers, Matthew Hewitt
Packaging & Artwork Created byHeadFirst

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