Party Girls Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title/Main Menu
Selecting one of the three different sets of games
Selecting singleplayer or if you have two controllers, two-player game
Selecting contestants (left == player, right == CPU)
Each of the games displays a pre-game screen with active buttons and other info
Introducing Ayano Seto (contestants introduce themselves prior to game start)
Whoa, losing balance, press X quickly
Swinging to score the closest distance to the center of that floating island
Trying to score a maximum swimming distance in a time limit
Current game score, you must win them all or accept "game over" message otherwise
Pumping up the balloon, under whose turn it explodes, she loses
After each game you see a replay from various camera positions and the title of the song playing in the background
The balance test, try to reach the farthest distance across those floating thingies without falling into water
Introducing Yuuka Mizuki
Introducing Ryouko Tachibana (great body if I do say so myself)
Yuuka VS Ryouko in replay mode
Arisu VS Kana in frontal pushing
Spreading legs as far as you can without losing ballance and falling into water
Selecting the right wig on the display first, three times best wins
Rubbing the thermometer to reach the top temperature before your competitor
Arisu fights Kana with rubber sticks, you can both evade and attack
Kana falls into water, player wins
Arisu Kagura wins!!
Due to the rolling icon, you must hit the other contestant of protect yourself with a helmet
Swinging and jumping into water to reach the greater distance than your competitor
Win all five games in a row and earn extra swimsuit
Interview with the winner
Each of the girl you can play as, sings different song in the end credits roll