Phantom Brave Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Part of the story introduction
The game begins with a tutorial
Game beginning; different types of phantoms are introduced to you
You need to confine phantoms to objects such as this rock
The red circle indicates how far you can move this turn
Your home on Phantom Island
Use the cursor to select which enemy to attack
The map screen; choose a destination
A cutscene; this monster wants to eat you! Looks like time for a battle...
Choose a type of attack; I don't have many options yet
This stage is clear!
Returning home; here's what happened while you were gone
Choose an action from the menu for this turn
Choose which phantom to confine to an object
Ready to attack?
Some monsters blocking the path...
The black and white arrowed lines indicate which monsters are being protected by that object
You can throw monsters out of bounds!
Some stats on an opponent
Each episode begins with a title slide