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PopCap Hits! Vol 1 (PlayStation 2)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

PopCap Hits! Vol 1 Credits

PopCap Team

ProducerKirk C. Scott
QATy Roberts, David Chan, Michael Guillory, Isaac Aubrey
VP, Strategic DevelopmentEd Allard
VP, Video Game PlatformsGreg Canessa
Packaging & Creative ServicesPaula Wong, Audrey Thompson, Yvette Camacho, Eric Pitcock, Gannon Curran, Glenn Mitsui, Kirk C. Scott
PRGarth Chouteau, Cathy Orr
LegalLisa Campney
Special ThanksRocky Fry, Jason Kapalka, Dave Roberts, Dennis Ryan, Sukhbir Sidhu

PlayStation 2 Adaption

PlayStation 2 AdaptionStephen W. Johnson, Ben Crane, Jordan Kotzebue, Matthew Scott

Bejeweled 2

Game DesignJason Kapalka
ProgrammingBrian Fiete
ArtJosh Langley, Walter Wilson
Planetary BackdropsArmands Auseklis
MusicPeter Hajba (Skaven)
Sound EffectsStéphane Brault
Puzzle DesignScott Kim
Level BalancingBen Lyon
QAEric J. Harman, Shawn Conard, Brenna Flood, Chad Zoellner, Isaac Aubrey, Jon Pulling
Biz DevDon Walters
Special ThanksJohn Vechey, Brian Rothstein, Tysen L. Henderson


ProducerSukhbir Sidhu
Creative DirectorJason Kapalka
Programmer/ROBOTJeff Weinstein (Architekt)
Art/AWESOMETysen L. Henderson (Skull)
Assistant ProducerBen Lyon
Sound FXStéphane Brault
MusicPhillipe Charron
The VoiceLani Minella
QAEric J. Harman, Shawn Conard, Brenna Flood, Chad Zoellner
PopCap FrameworkBrian Fiete
Biz DevDon Walters
Special ThanksDavid Haas (The Dr.), Ian Greenhoe (Greenman), Brian Rothstein (Ace), Katrina Webb, Andrea Weinstein, Justin Rickles, Tommy Woo, Walter Wilson, Nicholas Newhard, Kathy Bacon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (124767)