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Main Title
Main Menu
Prince up close
It's not enough that storm itself is the enemy, now an unknown ship is a threat as well.
Not a nice thing to say before the proper introduction.
At first you'll be shown a brief tutorials to learn some of the more advanced moves.
Even if defeat these demons, how will you save yourself from the storm, hm...
Oops, there goes the scar and foul language is at the loose.
Mano-a-womano boss fight with swords clasping.
Chasing the mysterious black woman will bring prince back through time.
Present looks dark and ruined, barely anything working in this place.
The past, on the other hand, looks very comfy to say the least, but with all the traps in perfect order.
Checking the map for the current location and your destination.
Spinning spiked pillars are but one of the many traps you'll learn how to avoid, or die trying.
After a while, you'll learn how to rewind time and cheat certain death.
Always remember to pick weapon from fallen enemies as that provides you with an upper hand in combat.
Approaching the throne room in search for the empress of time.
Prince and Kaileena are having... a fairly complicated relationship to say the least.
Things don't seem to go well for the prince, each step forward results in two backward.
Sometimes the only solution can be quite an unpleasant if you're not aware of consequences.
Dahaka, the guarding of the sands, is chasing the prince from the very intro.
You will know when Dahaka is near as the picture will turn to single shade of colors, and then, there is no time to make mistakes.
As you progress throughout the game, you'll encounter chests that unlock various pieces of artwork.
Prince, after putting the mask on... gaining the power to control time, but at the cost of his very lifeline.