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Xbox 360XboxAchievements (Sep 16, 2007)
Overall the game is fun and suitable for the younger generation of gamers. I would certainly recommend this game for anyone with kids. If you enjoy this type of game and are looking for a relatively easy 1000gs, then this is definately for you!
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2007)
The gameplay is solid, despite nagging camera and control issues, and minigames gives it a sense of variety that at least kept me interested in continuing Remy's quest to become a rodent gourmet. It's not amazing, but it's solid fun for younger Pixar fans.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2007)
Ratatouille won't do much to change my mind about the role rats should have in video games, but it did provide two afternoon's worth of satisfying platforming, if you go into it knowing that stretches of it can be aggravating, either because they push your skills to the test or make you question the gameplay, it should do the same for you.
PlayStation (Aug 09, 2007)
Sans chercher à innover, Ratatouille livre une prestation correcte qui séduira sans doute les amateurs de plates-formes ainsi que les joueurs réceptifs à l'univers du film. Cela n'empêche pas le titre de trimballer quelques problèmes dont une difficulté mal dosée pouvant entraîner de la frustration face à certains objectifs.
Xbox (Aug 03, 2007)
Sans chercher à innover, Ratatouille livre une prestation correcte qui séduira sans doute les amateurs de plates-formes ainsi que les joueurs réceptifs à l'univers du film. Cela n'empêche pas le titre de trimballer quelques problèmes dont une difficulté mal dosée pouvant entraîner de la frustration face à certains objectifs.
Xbox 360Worth Playing (Apr 25, 2008)
Ratatouille is a mediocre platformer with very serious problems with its gameplay and sound elements. While the graphics are on par with an average Xbox 360 game, everything else falls well below that mark. The main game, coupled with a series of minigames, does absolutely nothing to add to the movie experience and comes close to tarnishing the film's memory. After playing the game for so long, I can't even fathom rewatching the movie right now — at least not until the nightmares pass of Oswalt telling me to go to Paris and eat cheese.
PlayStation 3PSX Extreme (Feb 11, 2008)
It's just too bad Heavy Iron didn't follow through on these good ideas with a stable and accessible gameplay system. Even if they had opted to ignore the story - strange, but they did - playing the game would've been entertaining enough to take our minds off the lack of dialogue, plot-laden cut-scenes, etc. The game does shine with a series of interesting platforming ideas, as outlined earlier, so that might be enough to keep fans of the movie playing until the end. But there are plenty better PS3 titles out there for the avid gamer, and even several better games designed for the younger crowd. There's not much else to say, but we always hate to see productions with so much potential fail to follow through on all that promise. Ratatouille, without any doubt, is far better as a movie, and even big fans of the film probably won't get too much enjoyment out of the game.
Xbox (UK) (Oct 09, 2007)
It point towards a general mediocrity beneath the Pixar polish. There's no real sense of involvement with the story. Missions are completed without really knowing why, and like most games of its type, it's more of a brainlessly compulsive collect-a-thon than anything else. Competent in its own right, playable even, but deep down as nutritionally void as the popcorn you'll scoff while watching the movie.
PlayStation 3The Next Level (Apr 06, 2008)
Games based on Disney movies once were something to look forward to, but sadly those days are long gone. Classic platformers like Aladdin are nothing more than a memory. Nowadays, Disney licensed games are more like rat traps. The license lures you in like a big hunk of cheese, and snap, it’s over before you know what hit you. So it’s fitting that one of the most recent Disney titles features a rat named Remy, the hero of Ratatouille. He may be able to sniff out the traps that plague his rodent friends, he doesn’t fare quite as well in his recent PlayStation 3 outing. The goal of becoming a chef is quickly lost in the mundane nature of most of the missions. It’s enough to squander the good will provided by the film, and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. For me, it was enough to make me break out my Genesis and take a quick flight on a magic carpet.
PlayStation 3Cheat Code Central (2007)
If you like to be tortured, you could just go to the store right now and pick up the game; you'll be very satisfied. However, something tells me that you and most people enjoy games that are fun to play, user-friendly, and engaging. If that's your case, there are plenty of games out there that will probably provide you with better gameplay and more fun for the whole family, from THQ's Tak series to others like Ubisoft's Rayman, Sony's Jak and Daxter, and EA's Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger, along with some other movie-based video games that were actually made with some love. Just keep looking; like I said at the beginning, you might have to look for cheese somewhere else…
PlayStation 3Worth Playing (Jan 02, 2008)
I don't know anyone at Heavy Iron Studios, but I do know that deep down, most game developers believe their creations, these games of almost any genre or inspiration, are an art form, even if they'll admit, often a very commercial brand of art. Creators of games this poor, reckless and careless aren't artists, and they have no rights in alleging art as their professions. If they cared one bit about games or stake any fair claim in artistry, they'd have stayed up nights days on end to improve this game. Frankly, developers of this type perform a gross disservice to other practitioners of the medium, and THQ should have never let this one out the door, no matter how much revenue they'll earn in licensed sales. With titles so poor, they severely weaken their credibility even in the eyes of young, naïve, rather readily pleased gamers; the quick cash is just not worth the huge swath of a black mark on their industry reputation.
PlayStation 3The Video Game Critic (Aug 29, 2009)
You'll scurry through plenty of alleys, kitchens, and sewers, but the angular scenery would be more appropriate for a PS2 game. When you see pipes shaped like octagons, you have to wonder how much of the PS3's power is really being used. The camera controls are awkward and the load times are long. I did enjoy jazzy musical score, and the cut-scenes are done with good humor. Fans of the movie can probably bump up the grade by a letter, but for the rest of you, this one bargain bin title you can safely resist.