Written by  :  Exodia85 (2200)
Written on  :  Jul 07, 2003
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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The game that saved platform gaming.

The Good

The vast environments and colors were spectacular and the weapons were great! Ratchet and Clank were "made for each other". Their smart one-liners and whimsical humor made the game even more enjoyable.

The Bad

The storyline was too cutsy, Ratchet and Clank lit it up with their humor, but it overshadowed the lacking storyline. I hope they make a more in-depth storyline in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando.

The Bottom Line

Enjoyable for everybody of all ages. But, please do not try any of these weapons at home, believe me people have tried.