Advertising Blurbs
    The most heavily armed Lombax in the galaxy is back, and fighting for his life on live TV.

    Ratchet: Gladiator takes the series in a fresh new direction, with an action-focused
    adventure that introduces us to a very different look for the Lombax hero. This time,
    Ratchet and his faithful robot companion Clank are forced to compete in underground
    reality battle show DreadZone.

    'More' is definitely the keyword here, with more vehicles to commandeer, more enemies to
    annihilate, and many more customisable weapon modifications. A new-look Ratchet
    complements a change in pace for the series, with explosive, squad-based combat across
    a variety of vast arenas replacing the more cutesy platforming and blasting action of old.
    Of course, the great humour that made the series such a huge hit is still present and
    correct, albeit with a slightly more acerbic, satirical bite.

    • New storyline, new gameplay, new Ratchet!

    • Expanded modification system allows for thousands of player-customised weapons

    • Full cooperative play for two players offline, plus enhanced online multiplayer combat

    Contributed by DreinIX (10674) on Feb 20, 2008.