Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PlayStation 2)

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US)
The biggest change is the elimination of the 2D overworld map?brand new areas now unite the levels into one cohesive 3D world. The difficulty level has been upped, more language options have been added, and the Lums (which were pretty much worthless in other versions of the game) now buy you power-ups and grant access to new bonus levels.
Rayman Revolution ist der Stoff, aus dem Jump and Run-Träume gemacht werden. Abwechslungsreiche, fordernde Level und Bonus-Stages sorgen zusammen mit dem stets fairen Schwierigkeitsgrad für ein langanhaltendes und motivierendes Spielvergnügen. Angereichert mit richtig feiner Grafik und stimmungsvollem Sound stimmt nur die so frappierende Ähnlichkeit zum Vorgänger Rayman 2 ein wenig traurig. Doch da Rayman Revolution trotzdem genügend frische Ansätze bietet, hat es sich den Platin-Award mehr als verdient. Zwar ist UbiSofts Maskottchen momentan auf der PS2 konkurrenzlos, doch auch nachfolgende Spiele werden es schwer haben, die von Rayman vorgelegte Jump and Run-Messlatte zu nehmen.
So there you have it--Rayman 2 Revolution has proven to be one of the most engaging, entertaining, and original games for the PS2. The fact that a game this long in the tooth can still outshine most of its next-generation competition begs this question: Is the console gaming scene suffering from a drought of ideas, or is Rayman 2 really that good? It's probably a bit of both.
if you're a PS2 owner in the market for a platform title, there's none currently better than Rayman Revolution. Ubi Soft has done an amazing job designing a game for both mainstream and expert gamers alike. The learning curve is as smooth as silk and there's plenty of variety in the gameplay. The challenges you'll face are also very well thought out, so don't expect much frustration at all. This is pure gaming goodness at its finest and perfect example of what a next-generation title should be like.
Super Play (Sweden)
Vid en första anblick kanske Rayman Revolution framstår som ett barnspel. Och visst kan yngre spelare klara av det. Men spelet passar alla åldrar, det är otroligt skönt att bara leva sig in i äventyret i fantasivärlden. Rayman Revolution har precis allt det som ett riktigt bra TV-spel ska ha.
PSX Extreme
After completing the PSOne, PS2, and Dreamcast versions of Rayman 2, I can honestly say that along with Ape Escape, this is the greatest adventure game on any console to date. You won't find anything better on any console. Rayman 2: Revolution features incredibly lush, vivid and bright visuals that make this game come to life, the gameplay is challenging in many parts, and yet irresistible. And the voice acting feels like something straight out of a Disney flick. Make sure you go out and buy Rayman 2: Revolution, it deserves your attention, especially if you love adventure games.
Game Vortex
Despite these relatively minor gripes, Rayman 2: Revolution is a highly enjoyable romp through the crazy world of our favourite limbless hero. Despite the enhancements, chances are great that if you already own a copy of Rayman 2 there's not enough here to warrant a purchase. But anyone who doesn't yet have at least one version of one of the best platformers in recent history would do well to pick this game up. There are hours of fun here, just waiting to be delved into.
Accordingly, if you have yet to experience the platforming brilliance that is Rayman 2, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up. It's one of the greatest achievements in the history of 3D platform games and should be given the same admiration given to titles like Miyamoto's Mario 64.
Power Unlimited
Rayman Revolution is een opgevoerde versie van Rayman 2 en als je deze game nog nooit gespeeld hebt dan kan ik je 'm van harte aanbevelen.
Gaming Target
Although the game is essentially in its fifth incarnation, the gameplay for the PS2 port has been tweaked significantly, more so than any other version. Previous versions of the game had Rayman begin with a core set of abilities from the start, which included the ability to reflect his shots off walls and fire multiple shots at once. Rayman has now been weakened greatly at the outset, his one-time natural powers now distilled into multiple power upgrades, which must be bought in between explorations. Once purchased, Rayman’s abilities are permanently upgraded, and Rayman 2 purists will begin to feel more at home. This actually helps to lend an added level of polish, variety, and difficulty to the gameplay, as his abilities now follow a much slower progression.
Même si Rayman est un très bon jeu, je ne pense pas qu'il mérite le terme de révolution malgré toutes les nouveautés et améliorations apportées. Au départ le jeu se nommait Rayman 2.5, un titre à mon avis plus justifié. Maintenant si vous ne connaissez pas du tout Rayman 2 déjà sorti sur les autres supports je ne pourrais que vous conseiller de vous jeter le plus vite possible sur cette dernière version qui vous tiendra en haleine un bon moment.
Game Informer Magazine
Taking his first steps into the next frontier of gaming, Rayman’s PlayStation 2 debut comes in the form of an enhanced rehash. Spreading like an airborne disease, Revolution is the fifth version of Rayman 2 to grace the gaming scene. The only noteworthy add-ons are two new bonus levels and larger enemy hordes. Naturally, this isn’t nearly enough to warrant a purchase for those of you who have already put this platformer through its paces. However, Rayman rookies should get off their butts and immerse themselves in this timeless classic.
Malgré son nom, Rayman Revolution n'est pas à proprement parler une véritable révolution d'un point de vue gameplay et scénario, qui sont tout droit sortis de Rayman 2 Great Escape sur Dreamcast. Pour le reste par contre, on est véritablement devant une petite merveille du genre. Véritable dessin animé interactif, ce titre n'a pas son pareil dans le monde des jeux vidéo et, en s'appuyant sur un univers coloré et sans faille, s'impose comme la référence en matière de plates-formes 3D de cette fin de 20ème siècle. Un jeu à conseiller à tous, grands, petits, hommes, femmes, trolls, elfes et même à vos petits frères ou soeurs. Si seulement cela pouvait les sortir des Pokémon...
Rayman Revolution s'impose clairement comme l'opus le plus réussi de la saga. Ses qualités graphiques mais aussi ludiques sont un modèle du genre, malgré quelques petits défauts de placement de caméra toujours un peu gênants. Le titre d'Ubi Soft ne présente que peu d'innovations par rapport aux précédentes versions, mais constituera un excellent choix pour ceux qui recherchent un soft à la fois impressionnant et divertissant pour leur PS2. D'autant que Rayman est le seul dans sa catégorie pour l'instant.
All Game Guide
All in all, it may not be the most advanced game to appear on the PS2, but Rayman 2 is certainly one of the best. It is creative, beautiful, and most importantly, it is a great deal of fun from the very beginning to the very end. Fans of 3D platform games would be doing themselves a great disservice by skipping over this title, as would everyone else who just loves a well-crafted game.
Gamezone (Germany)
Dieses witzige Jump´n´Run überzeugt vor allem durch seine hübsche Grafik und gute Spielbarkeit. Die verschiedenen Welten sind sehr fantasievoll gestalltet und Rayman hat jede Menge Abwechslung. Auf dem Weg seinen Freunden zu helfen, stellen sich einige schwierige Aufgaben, diese verlangen viel Geschick von dem kleinen Helden ab. Er kann mit seinen Haaren, wie mit einem Propeller schweben, gebraucht aber auch diverse Fahrzeuge und Fuggeräte um weiter zu kommen. Zu dem gibt noch einige Minispiele. Zwar ist die Story nicht sonderlich beeindruckend, aber die witzigen Figuren und das Gameplay, lassen einen nicht los. Auch die Musik ist sehr schön und passend zur Umwelt.