REALPLAY Racing Credits (PlayStation 2)

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REALPLAY Racing Credits

In2Games Ltd

ProducerDominic Berzins
ManagementElliott Myers, Richard Baxter, Harry Holmwood, Steve Lavache, Paul Rebhan
Marketing ManagerVictoria Martin
Quality AssuranceCraig Oman, Imran Yusuf
Graphic DesignIntegrated Concept, David Levi
Special ThanksElizabeth O'Neill, Dave McMahon, Nicky Williams

In2Games Hong Kong Ltd

With grateful thanksRaymond Leung, Roni Leung, Macko Lui, KK Leung

Icon Games Limited

ManagementClaire Hill-Whittall, Richard Hill-Whittall
DesignGrant Clarke, Richard Hill-Whittall
ProgrammingGrant Clarke, Mitch Bowler, Richard Hill-Whittall
SupportWitness Digital

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (124808) and //dbz: (5180)