Red Faction II Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu (with randomly selected ingame character model)
Using dual handgun against Sopot's elite guards.
With grenade launcher, you get to see what this game's engine really can do.
Incoming enemy aircraft from the left.
Seriously outnumbered yet you're the one that has to advance.
Using night-vision goggles.
Not all enemies will madly rush against you, some will neatly run for cover or backup.
One of the better machine guns in the game, and there's quite a few of those actually.
Taking down enemy soldier with more bullets than necessary.
When you see red star on your screen, that just indicates your heroism went down... either for allied casualties, or you blew up something you shouldn't.
Your time to strafe from the aircraft is more fun than just running around.
While your NPC buddy is busy piloting, you're taking time to wreak havoc up on enemy installations.
Sometimes your pilot will not fly that up, so you'll have to deal with ground army full force.
Enemy robotic suits are very tough to destroy, but there's a time when you're wearing one as well.
The real fun starts when you hop on board the tank and start dealing some ammo gifts.
Yours will not be the only tank on the streets, but opposing gunners won't have your aiming skills, of course.
Terror on the Highway, dun dun dun....
With the fact that everything's destroyable, surroundings are a real sight to pass by.