Resident Evil 4 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title/Main Menu
Introduction story
Leon S. Kennedy, not a rookie cop from RE2 anymore, but an agent hired to find and rescue the president's daughter
These guys gave you a lift but they're not going with you... which is unfortunate for them
Shooting at the crows can get you some gold and items
Checking out the map
A cabin... there must be some friendly people nearby
You!! Axe!! Shoot!! Bah... all I asked for is direction, you misfit!
Hey, something fishy's happening out there, what's gotten into those people!?
Leon reporting about his unfortunate first encounter
You can interact with surroundings with a press of a button
Leon jumping out of the window... guess the height doesn't matter to him
Easy people, there's plenty of bullets for everyone
Quick-time event during gameplay, press X as fast as you can to get to the boat before it's too late
Hunting the big fish in a nearby lake... villagers won't be happy about that
Camera lets you rotate only by 90 degrees in any direction
It's always easy to tell who the bad guy is... this is one of the first bosses you'll eliminate
Leon's chances against El Gigante are more than good if you know how to defeat him
Lord Salazar will give Resident Evil a whole new dimension in storyline
Yikes, better be quick if you don't want him to literally squeeze the life out of you
When Ashley is with you, you will have to take care of her whereabouts and health bar all the time
Typing machines are still the saving point in the game
Leon's inventory... you can buy bigger suitcases from vendors
Magnum is too powerful to be used against regular foes, especially since bullets for it don't come too often
Game is being told through five chapters
Using thermal vision with your sniper rifle to see parasites on otherwise invincible creature
Meeting an old friend
Air support coming at just about the right time
Separate Ways story available exclusively on PS2 release... finding out what Ada was doing meanwhile
Ada getting acquainted with some of the locals
Checking the cabin and running into your first crazy villager
Back to back with Louis Sera
Approaching the lake
Talk to the merchant if you wanna buy weapons and supplies
Control room
Ashley, the president's daughter is the reason you came to this place
Leon and Ashley chased by the villagers all the way to the creepy fortress
Exploring the castle
Ada disarming Leon in what became a trademark move for the series
Use a sniper rifle to protect Ashley and set her free
Leon trying to escape the flying bugs... not knowing one is just below him
Ashley is captured, again
Different chapter stats feature different characters
Knife combat with Kessler
These creatures can regenerate their limbs so you have to aim for their weak spot
Surrounded with odds stacking against him
Time to take out the parasites
Ada has secret plans of her own
Ada taking out a couple of villagers with her grappling hook gun
Wesker appears only as Ada's contact throughout Separate Ways scenario