Resident Evil: Outbreak Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title/Main Menu
Character selection, David
Character selection, Kevin
Character selection, Mark
Character selection, Alyssa
Character selection, Yoko
Opening cinematic shows somewhat familiar events from RE2 game
Playing as Cindy... that looks like a handy gun there on the counter
The bar's closed indefinitely
Zombies all over and in all the rush the only escape route has locked door
Alright guys, I found the key, lets get going now
Checking out the map
Nothing useful here
When close to other characters, you can exchange items with them
Game is split into five scenarios
Entering the compound of an underground facility
Monica, one of the NPCs you'll encounter in the second scenario
Warm water... hm, I wonder if it could melt an ice off a frozen key-wrench
Sometimes blunt weapons can serve their purpose just well enough to fend off weaker foes
As usual, after the police comes the military
Exploring hospital with the rest of the team
Found some green herb for the wounds
Fire squad searching for any survivors inside the burning hotel
Inside the boiler room... good thing you weren't there when it exploded
When it comes to Umbrella corporation, scientists and monsters will never be missed
Each protagonist has its own short ending cut-scene
Best way to cover things up is to scorch the city to the ground