Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection Credits

Voice and Motion Capture

Casting Director ‑- VoiceKris Zimmerman Salter
CastTony Jay (The Director), James Alcroft (Jack), Neil Ross (Higgs / German #2), Jonathan Cook (Heinrich), Charles Napier (Murphy), B. J. Ward (Helga / Female #1 / Prologue Egyptian Woman and Child), Drew Markham (German #1), Peter Renaday (Monk), James Kevin Ward (German #3), Gaille Heideman (Female #2), Cam Clarke (German #4), Matthew Kaminsky (BJ Blazkowicz), Jim Piddock (Agent One), Brian Mysliwy (Army Major / Egyptian #1 / Prologue German #1), Brian George (Egyptian #2 / Prologue German #2), Steven Jay Blum (Egyptian #3 / Prologue German #3)
Mocap ActorBrian Simpson
Mocap ActressDanelle Folta

Music & Sound Effects

Music ComposerBill Brown
Period MusicTodd Cochran
Weapon Design & Additional EffectsSoundelux Design Music Group


Packaging and Manual Design byIgnited Minds

Raster Productions

ProgrammingAaron Seeler
Lead Level DesignMartin Cluney
ArtWon Choi
Level Design / ProductionJohn Epp
Special ThanksPaul Steed, Jan Paul van Waveren
Prologue Levels by Three WaveDan Gold (Scancode), Michael Goodhead (Casey), Maciej Kowalski (Renalicious), Michael Labbe (SLUDGE)
Egyptian Texture and Model Design bySplash Damage Ltd., Mad Doc Software, Raster Productions

id Software

RTCW is powered by id Software'sQuake III Arena technology
Production, development and technical assistance provided byid Software

Originally developed by Gray Matter Studios

Directed byDrew Markham
Executive Produced byGreg Goodrich
Art Direction byMichael Kaufman (MAXX)
Programmed bySherman Archibald
Character ArtistCorky Lehmkuhl
Technology & A.I. ProgrammingRyan Feltrin
Texture ArtistClaire Praderie
Technical Design LeadDan Koppel
Lead Level DesignerRichard Farrelly
Level DesignerDavid Kelvin
Models and AnimationJason Hoover
AnimatorDominique Drozdz
ScriptingMichael Denny, Jeremy Luyties, Chad Bordwell
Writer and Sound DesignSteve Goldberg
Production CoordinatorVictoria Sylvester
ControllerMax Yoshikawa
Additional ProgrammingRafael Paiz, Joseph Aurili
Additional Level DesignMal Blackwell
Spec. Ops. ConsultantsKevin Vance, Thomas Lindberg, Clay Mottern
Producer (uncredited)Robb Alvey

Intro Movie - Blur Studios

Creative DirectorTim Miller
CG SupervisorJeremy Cook
Lead AnimatorPaul Taylor
Motion CaptureJohn Bunt
Visual Effects ProducerSherry Wallace
Film Coordinating ProducerAl Shier
AnimatorsBrandon Davis, Tom Dillon, Asier Hernáez Lavina, Kirby Miller, Marlon Nowe, Derron Ross, David Stinnett, Timothy Wallace, Jeff Weisend
Concept ArtEd Lee
Sound DesignThe Bakery

Game Cutscene Rework - Mondo Media

Executive ProducerPhill Simon
ProducerSarah Castelblanco
DirectorMarco Bertoldo
Technical DirectorEric Ronay
3D ArtistsRichard Estrada, Tomer Litvin, Art Matsuura, Gustavo Ramirez, Michael Shahan, Dann Tarmy
Production ArtistJeff Biancalana

Produced by Activision

ProducerSteve Rosenthal
Associate ProducerJason Kim
Wolf PC ProducerJonathan Moses
Sr. Executive ProducerLaird M. Malamed
VP North American StudiosMark Lamia
Production TestersMatthew Beal, Kekoa Lee-Creel
Intro Movie DirectorTrey Watkins
V.P. Global Brand ManagementDusty Welch
Brand ManagerKevin Kraff
Associate Brand ManagerYoko Nakao
Senior PublicistMichael Mantarro
Director, Corporate CommunicationsMichelle Schroder
V.P., Creative Services & OperationsDenise Walsh
Marketing Creative DirectorMatthew Stainner
Creative Services ManagerJill Barry
Business & Legal AffairsGregory Deutsch, David Kay
QA Project LeadHenry Peter Villanueva
QA Senior Project LeadMatthew McClure
QA ManagerMarilena Morini
QA Floor Lead, Database ManagerAaron Justman
QA TestersEdward Vernon, Mike Ortiz, Taylor Livingston, Vanessa Schlais, James Patton, Dusty Adams, Dustin Thomas, Evan Wingate, Geoffrey Olsen, Jesse Shannon, Chris Wagener, Jakou Patterson, Soukha Phimpasouk, Siôn Rodriguez y Gibson, Jacob Biegel, Aaron Camacho, Nicholas E. Weaver
Sr. Manager, Customer SupportBob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc (Phone Support), Michael Hill (Email Support), Rob Lim (Information and Escalation Support)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Robb Alvey (34) and Foxhack (16383)