Rocky: Legends Credits (PlayStation 2)

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Rocky: Legends Credits


Based on the characters created bySylvester Stallone

Cast of Characters

Rocky BalboaSylvester Stallone
Mickey GoldmillBurgess Meredith
Apollo CreedCarl Weathers
Clubber LangMr. T
Ivan DragoDolph Lundgren
Tommy GunnTommy Morrison
TonyTony Burton
Ludmilla DragoBrigitte Nielsen
PaulieBurt Young
George W. DukeRichard Gant
AdrianTalia Shire

Developed by Venom Games, Newcastle

ProducerPeter Johnson
Game Designer Mark Sample
Asst. ProducerMark Sample
Lead ProgrammerKevin Franklin
ProgrammersMichael Hedley, Edwin Bell, Simon Nicholass, Mark Vince
Arenas/2D ArtworkPhilip Nixon (credited as Phil Nixon)
Arenas/AnimationJoe Money
Character Model LeadDuncan Hall
Character ModellingDouglas Kalberg, Alex Kewin
CinematicsAlex Kewin
Animation/ Character ModellingJohn Boundy
Composer/ Sound DesignerGordon Hall
Technical AssistanceJonathan Stobbs
Additional AnimationLinda Smith
Additional modelsRoger Bacon
Managing DirectorPaul Finnegan
Company SecretaryJoan Finnegan
LegalJohn Schorah (at Langtons)
PayrollMaarit King (at Datapool)

Motion Capture

Studio facilities3sixtymedia
Mocap SupervisorTanvir Hanif
Boxing Moves Johnny Nelson
Character MovesIan McLaughlin

Original Music

Keyboards/GuitarGordon Hall
VocalsSteve Parker, Dan Symington
GuitarsPaul Yeats, Wilf Turnbull, Alan Fender
TrumpetsGordon Marshall, Graham Hardy
Flute and recorderSally Wood
BassKen Potter
All guitars recorded withLine 6 equipment

Venom Special Thanks

Venom Special ThanksColin Bell, Don Whiteford, Trevor Williams, Julian Widdows, John Paterson, Graeme Paterson, Charlotte Hammond, Jenny Hodge, Canio Capella, Indy Saha, Sarah Talbot

Ingame Dialogue

Recorded atMatinée
Production Co‑ordinatorKaren Grassie
EngineerChris Renshaw
ActorsStuart Milligan, Eric Meyers, Tom Clarke-Hill, Justin Fletcher, Jay Benedict, Yuri Stepanov, John Chancer, William Roberts

Venom Special Thanks

Venom Special ThanksOur partners and families for their continuing support and our departed comrades.

Published by UBISOFT Entertainment

CEOYves Guillemot
EMEA DirectorAlain Corre

3rd Party Project Management

EMEA Dir. DevelopmentVirginie Gretz
Executive ProducerStéphane Decroix
ProducerThomas Le Grand
Game Content ManagerMichel Momcilovic
US ConsultantFrank Hom

Quality Assurance

Worldwide tests ManagerÉric Tremblay
Lead TesterEmmanuel-Yvan Ofoé
TestersMartin Tavernier, Jacques-Patrick Audain, Jérôme Berlinguette, Patrick Dufort, Alexandre Grierson, Jean-Marc Hardy, Julien Kerdevez, Jean-François Lauzon, Bruno Leblanc, Philippe Michaud, Alexandre Vaillancourt, Alexandre Van Strydonck
Platform SpecialistsFrédéric Laporte, Alexandre Grierson, Éric Visconti, Orion Curiel, Jean-François Dupuis

Licensed Music

Arranged and Conducted byLionel Gaget
Recorded byJeff Ginouves
Mixed byMartin Dutasta
GuitarsHughes Ripoll
BassVincent Perrot
DrumsGrégory Baudrier
HornsEric Giausserand, Patrick Bourgoin, Michael Joussein
KeyboardsLionel Gaget
Music ProducerKaren Vernimmen
Music DirectorManuel Bachet (credited as Manu Bachet)


Studio DirectorCoralie Martin
Project ManagerLaurent Rigal

Localisation: French Version

TranslatorXavier Vibert
Acting DirectorMartial Le Minoux
VoicesAlain Bergé, Thierry Mercier, Thierry Jahn, Patrice Melennec, Gilbert Lévy, Robert Danna, Cyrille Artaux, Frantz Confiac, Sydney Kotto, Benoît Allemane, François Siener (credited as François Sienner), Martial Le Minoux, Xavier Vibert
Linguistic testsBug Tracker

Localisation: German Version

Localisation ManagerStefan Dinger
TranslatorsStefan Dinger, Dieter Pfeil
SoundstudioTonproduktion Krauthausen[Köln]
VoicesThomas Danneberg, Hans Gerd Kilbinger, Volker Wolf, Dieter Maise, Tom Jacobs, Stefan Schleberger (credited as Stephan Schleberger), Hans-Detlef Hüpgen, Richard Hucke, Hans Beyer, Jürg Löw, Anja Niederfahrenhorst
Ling.TestersStefan Dinger, Dieter Pfeil

1st Party Approval

Manager ‑ EuropeRoman Vazeille
Manager ‑ USNicolas Lochet

Marketing US

US VP of MarketingTony Kee
US Group Brand ManagerGary Keith
US Brand ManagerCorey Fong

Marketing EMEA

Marketing DirectorFlorence Alibert
Senior Marketing Group ManagerGabrielle Loeb
Senior Brand ManagerChloé Phelizon
EMEA Brand ManagersSally Cormack (UK), Thorsten Kapp (Germany), Aurelie Calomino (France), Javier Mañú (Spain), Marco Caprelli (Italy), Michiel Verheight (Benelux), Jesper Lund (Scandinavia), Nick Wong (Australia), Julie Laurent (Export), Emmanuel Kersale (Japon), Cedric Crauzac (Switzerland), Martin Strehl (Austria)
UBISOFT Special ThanksFabrice Cambounet, Dominique Carrera, Dominique Duvivier, Charles Harribey, Nicolas Landron, Fabrice Pierre-Élien, Didier Lord, Jay Cohen, Anis Boujaouane, David Picco, Benoît Maury-Bouët

For MGM Interactive

President and COO H.E. GroupDavid Bishop
Senior Vice PresidentTravis Rutherford
VP Interactive ProductionNeil Haldar
VP Legal and BusinessJennifer Lewis
Exec. Dir. clips and StillsRebecca A. Herrera-Burch (credited as Rebecca Herrera-Burch)
Marketing SupervisorHugo Martinez
Finance ManagerJack Cheng
MGM MusicJonathan Watkins (Vice President)
MGM Special ThanksCassandra Barbour (of Entertainment Clearances)
Rocky Interactive Game (all source code, all other software components and certain audiovisual components)© 2004 UBISOFT
'Rocky'‑'Rocky V'© 1976-2004 Metro-Goldwyn Meyer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Uses Bink Video© 1997-2994 by RAD GameTools Inc.
'Gonna Fly Now'Carol Connors (words by), Ayn Robbins (words by), Bill Conti (Music by), ©1976 EMI Catalogue Partnership/ EMI Unart Catalog Inc/EMI U Catalog Inc USA, Reproduced by permission of EMI United Partnership Ltd.[London WC2H 0QY]
'Training Montage'Vince DiCola (Music by), © 1985 EMI April Music Inc/MGM/UA Music Inc USA, Reproduced by permission of EMI Songs Ltd.[London WC2H 0QY]
'War'Vince DiCola (Music by), © 1985 EMI April Music Inc/MGM/UA Music Inc USA, Reproduced by permission of EMI Songs Ltd.[London WC2H 0QY]
'Going The Distance'Bill Conti (Music by), © 1976 EMI Catalogue Partnership USA, Reproduced by permission of EMI United Partnership Ltd.[London WC2H 0QY]
'Living In America'Dan Hartman (Words and Music), Charlie Midnight (Words and Music), © 1985 EMI April Music Inc/EMI Blackwood Music Inc/Janiceps Music USA, EMI Songs Ltd.[London WC2H 0QY]

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