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Rumble Racing (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Rumble Racing Credits


Director of DevelopmentNancy Philippine
Architect and Lead EngineerLaurent Benes
Art DirectorMargaret Foley, Erik Holden
Engineering TeamChristopher Conway, Todd Growney, John Hamilton, Eric Metens, Zachary Waibel
Art TeamChris Birnbaum, Ron Collins, Nils Holden, Dov Jelen, Patricia Kallusch, Leonid Korostyshevskiy, Tim Lajoie, Gary Martin, Keith Parker, Tim-John deVroede
Additional ArtVince Arroyo, Jem Geylani, Mira F. Ross, Juan Ruiz
Executive ProducerDavid DeMartini
ProducerMorgan Roarty
Associate ProducerMichael Ress
Game DesignChris Crowell
Lead TesterJonathan M. Martinez
Core TestersVictor E. Aguirre, Ian Blas, Bryan Caton, Colin Clarke, Gabriel Darone, Chris DeShazo, Tom Duffy, Ram Fenster, Roo Henson, Mark S. Johnson, Enrique McAllister, Chris McKay, Paul Mollinedo, Shinichiro Ohyama
Product ManagerAaron Burns
Euro Central MarketingDan Holman, Thomas Piotraschke
Senior PR Specialist Scott Gamel
Legal TeamJoAnn Covington, Sue Garfield
Package DesignMark Hausler, Michael Lippert
Package Project ManagementVyn Arnold
Package IllustrationErik Holden
DocumentationGabriel Leon
Documentation LayoutJulie-Anne LaRochelle
In‑Game CommentaryJess Harnell
WritersScott Hallock, Kevin Healey, Nils Holden, Steve Romanko, Trebor Winslow
Sound DesignMarc Farley
Sound ProgrammerLaurent Betbeder
Assistand Sound Effects DesignerAimee McCrary
Music ByDon Veca
Media LabMurray Allen, Rob Hubbard, Eric Kornblum, Michael Marsh, Jerry Newton, David Whittaker
Opening Movie SequenceMarc Farley, Michael Marsh
Ending Movie SequenceBob Rossman
Special Thanks ToFranklin Alioto, John Batter, Colin Boswell, Thomas Boyd, Chris Esaki, Brent Iverson, David Jimenez, Chip Lange, Bruce E. McMillan, Cody Murry, Scott Orr, David Ross, Susan Santos, Terry Smith, Kathleen Tarnutzer
Director International DevelopmentAtsuko Matsumoto
International Development LeadDan Roisman
Production SpecialistsGabriel Gils Carb√≥, John Pemberton, Jonathan Silverman, Lafayette Taylor
Functionality Language Tester SupervisorLudon Lee
Lead Functionality Language Tester Christoph Betschart
Functionality Language Tester Peter Ingram, Ashon Martin
Customer Quality ControlAnthony Alexander, Anthony Barbagallo, Darryl Jenkins, Dave Knudson, Benjamin Smith, Andrew Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3500)