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And really, none of Sakura Wars' shortcomings are glaring flaws. I may have spent the first hour of gameplay twitching in my chair because of some of the more goofball moments, but the game won me over, and won me over completely. In fact, the worst part about So Long My Love is that awful feeling when you realize that there are at least four other Sakura Wars games that have never come to America. I desperately need to return to the warm and happy world of Sakura, but the best I can hope for is a second (or third) playthrough that takes advantage of Sakura's branching storyline. If only there was a way to have the other Sakura Wars games brought to America...
Gaming Nexus (May 14, 2010)
Five years is quite a wait for a PS2 game. Only the most dedicated would care about it at this point and that's quite a shame. They're missing out on the last great PS2 game.
TotalPlayStation (May 03, 2010)
When we look back on the PS2 library a few years from now, I can only hope that Sakura Wars is as fondly remembered then as it is now for me. What a great example of the breadth of experiences on the system, not to mention a fitting send-off.
IGN (Mar 30, 2010)
Throw in the fact that the game often gives you a rather brief window to just explore the city (or carry out a task for someone) and you'll never see everything your first time through. That's a good thing, because (and I know I've said this before) after a decade on the market, the PlayStation 2 is finally getting its swan song and the Wii is getting a fantastic RPG to bulk up its library. The release calendar on the PS2 is a ghost town, and for many, this may be the system's final bow. Fitting, then, that it's something you could easily play over and over again for a few more years. Hopefully by then, we'll be lucky enough to get a follow-up, because this really is an experience you won't get from any other game. It's also one that shouldn't be missed.
RPGFan (Aug 15, 2005)
Don't get me wrong, this is still Sakura Taisen, and arguably the best installment to date, at least from a technological standpoint. And despite the new cast, setting and slightly updated battle system, this still feels like Sakura Taisen from the first second of the opening sequence to the last second of the ending. The development team definitely has done a commendable job in bringing a new main series installment to PlayStation 2 with Sakura Taisen V. I can definitely recommend this game and can say it is one of the most entertaining games I have put into my PlayStation 2 so far.
Legendra (Sep 30, 2007)
Sakura Taisen renoue avec ses premiers amours, l'aventure et le combat tactique. Fort bien réalisé, avec un système qui s'est bonifié, c'est un véritable plaisir de parcourir New York vu par Red et Sega en compagnie de la Star Division. Un très bon épisode, it's Showtime !
Worth Playing (Apr 02, 2010)
If you're not the kind of person who enjoys Japanese anime, and in particular the "harem anime" subgenre popularized by shows such as "Tenchi Muyo," then Sakura Wars probably isn't for you. There is a fun strategy game hidden within, but it clearly isn't the title's focus, and since your stats are so heavily determined by your ability to chat up the female cast, it isn't a gameplay element that you can really ignore. On the other hand, if you're the kind of gamer who enjoys those things, Sakura Wars should do a lot to hold your interest. The varied cast and ample amount of choices mean that the title has surprising amounts of replay value. You can't alter the overall plot, but there are enough variations in the story to make a second playthrough worthwhile. If you fall within Sakura War's intended audience, you'll probably find the game quite enjoyable. It's simple and easy to play, and it offers a fair amount of value for your dollar.
Digital Chumps (Apr 18, 2010)
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is a great niche release if you're into Japanese games that are heavy on anime, SRPG, and dating. For those gamers, they will find a polished, if not perfect, localized title with a lot of content and reason to comeback.
RPGamer (2010)
Sakura Wars is certainly not for everyone, but it comes with the recommendation for those who enjoy zany storylines with a bizarro-world twist. There's so much content to explore within the game that it can't all be done in a single playthrough. What with having to juggle saving New York City and keeping the ladies happy, it's tough to be Shinjiro Taiga. The story may not be a work of art, but it's often hilarious. Between that and the game's strong cast of characters, there's much enjoyment to be found if players can get over the sluggish combat system. Plus who doesn't love wooing a split-personality cowgirl or hot-headed attorney? When it comes to dating, Sakura Wars has you covered. Except for Rosita, because dating her is gross.
RPGamer (2010)
Years spent anticipating Sakura Wars ~So Long My Love~ left me with heightened expectations which remained sadly unmet throughout the game. While witty, gorgeous, and enjoyable (much like some of its characters), the game continues on for hours, with the end allowing for only one partner. At least another playthrough is required to explore a new partner, leaving me sad that I don't have more time to dedicate to this game. Perhaps if this game had come out in 2005, when it was originally created, when the industry was slower and the game releases were more spread out, it might have been more appealing to more players. In today's more competitive market, many people no longer have the luxury of time and patience to devote to a single game. Sometimes a game simply can't keep up with the gamer.