Samurai Shodown: Anthology (PlayStation 2)

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For only $20, Samurai Shodown is packing quite a lot of classic 2D fighting into one package, which I always appreciate. But the super fuzzy sprites just don't look as nice anymore, especially in Samurai Shodown VI when they sit on the title's surprisingly slick backgrounds. Then again, hardcore fighting game fans rarely commit to the experience because of the graphics -- it's all about gameplay. This anthology has the classic gameplay some of you will recognize and that in itself is the game's main selling point. Everyone else will feel very overwhelmed upon booting up the game. But at least we can all take solace in Iroha's ridiculous charm.
Une compilation pleinement réussie et qui permet de découvrir ou de redécouvrir un classique du combat 2D.
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When updating interfaces and control schemes to work on newer consoles, the appeal of re-releases such as this can sometimes become lost in translation, as games often just don't run smoothly or become tacked-on with useless extras. While issues with framerate occur, it's not common enough to ruin the experience of playing through this historic and sometimes unnecessarily overlooked game series. Those who have been longing to complete their Samurai Shodown collection and its cast of legendary characters should pick this one up.