Second Sight Credits


Team LeaderMike Armstrong
Lead ArtistRichard Lord
Music & SoundGraeme Norgate
Lead Character ArtistBen Newman
Lead AnimatorJames Cunliffe
ProgrammersAlex Weighell, Mark Tully, Andrew Birdsall, James Hubbard
Design / ProgrammingDerek Littlewood, Tim Furnish, James Bamford, Thomas Houghton
Additional ProgrammingPaul Hanshaw, Andrew Rayson, Miles Clapham, David Conley
ArtistsMarc Stewart, Russell MacLean, Stephen Cooper, Peter Norris, Francisco Javier Tejada Zacarías
Additional ArtGary Cox
Character ArtistsLes Spink, Mark O'Kane, Stephen Davison, Jake Gumbleton, Nicholas Carver, Andrew Jackson
AnimatorsAndrew Lawson, Curtis Fell, Alexander Crowhurst, Simon Scott, Andrew Hunt, Chad Ellis, Javier Moratinos, Damon Tasker, Salvador Young
Project ManagementMartin Wakeley
QA ManagementKevin Ellis, Paul Ellis
TesterMichael Adamson
Additional MusicChristian Marcussen
Principal Voice TalentAndrew Lawson (as John Vattic), Tom Clarke-Hill (as Colonel Starke), Doug Cockle (as Director Hanson), Lynsey Beauchamp (as Jayne Wilde), Andrew Wincott (as Professor Grienko)
Additional Voice TalentMartin T. Sherman, Sarah Mennell, Laurence Bouvard, Melanie Bond, Mac Macdonald, Peter Banks
System SupportJohn Veasey
Office ManagementMichella Angeloni
Office AssistanceKathryn Woods
Special ThanksGillian Cordall, Lawrence Goldberg, Rob Letts, Ed Turkington, Mario Club
Art ProductionKarl Hilton
Business DevelopmentStephen Ellis
Based on an original concept byDavid Doak

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Credits for this game were contributed by [Durden] (226)