Sega Ages 2500: Vol.5 - Golden Axe Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening cinematic (prologue)
Main Title
Main Menu
You can listen to entire soundtrack via sound test option
Character selection screen
Starting the first stage (game is split in several stages)
Ax Battler seems to be the strongest character in physical combat
Acquiring a peculiar friend to say the least
Ax can summon devastating earthquakes
These boys look determined to cross the bridge
There is limited number of shared lives altogether, which allow you to continue
It's probably not a coincidence that his last name is Thunderhead
This is a well balanced team-work, each player guards one side of the screen
Clearing the first stage
At the campsite, watching the thief escaping with your mana potion
Aftershock of your summoning, though depending on the level, it may or may not kill the attackers
As you move up or down, you can strike the opponent vertically
Kick the blue thief to get mana potions (green one leaves recovery food, though)
When you press the attack buttons while running, you will perform different moves
Rapidly press the attack button to make a combo and toss the enemy away
Time for the first boss battle, but I ain't afraid with her on my side
Big guys with big hammers, how hard can that be
Riding a dragon can be a good thing as long as you keep your enemies at a fair distance
Tyris Flare also seems to have the appropriate name for the most powerful summoning abilities in the game, she can summon a big bad dragon with bad breath, beware oh foes
This dragon, unlike others, breathes fireballs
Believe it or not, this is a single strike, Ax swings his sword backwards and thus harming all the enemies in the vicinity
Playing the player versus player mode (characters can look the same there)
Playing the time mode, you have to kill 100 enemies within the time limit
Playing the survival mode, you fight as long as you're alive and try to take as much of them as possible with you