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A solid collection of Genesis classics Titan10 (734) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Overall User Score (13 votes) 4.3

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The Video Game Critic (Jan 05, 2007)
All things considered, I am absolutely thrilled with this collection. No question about it, Sega Genesis Collection has enough material to keep a gamer busy for a very long time. Back in the day, I would have sold a kidney for this one. See my Sega Genesis section for individual reviews of many of these titles.
Even if you're a mild retro fan or have a faint interest in playing titles you've missed, this is the new standard for compilations. The games choices are nearly flawless, the extras are worth unlocking and the games look stunning. It's hard to imagine a run of games on a single disc beating out this roster
Power Sonic (Apr 05, 2010)
Percebe-se que grandes títulos como Streets of Rage não estão na coletânea, porém pérolas como Ristar, Bonanza Bros e Comix Zone não foram esquecidas! Há muitos extras nessa coletânea, digo, muitos extras mesmo, os fãs realmente irão adorar esta coletânea, pois há as dicas secretas, entrevistas, scans das caixas e dos cartuchos, trailers de novos jogos a serem lançados e uma surpresa, 4 jogos de arcade para serem desbloqueados! Inclusive há Altered Beast em sua versão original de arcade System 16, realmente impressionante!
GameLemon (Jul 07, 2007)
All in all, this is a great compilation. I recommend it to anyone who has never experienced the Genesis [or the embrace of a live woman - ed.] The replay value is endless, and the save anywhere feature makes these games great for someone who doesn't have 4 hrs a day to devote to gaming, like the typical college student. If you have any love for retro gaming in you, you owe to yourself to at least rent this game.
IGN (Nov 15, 2006)
Sega Genesis Collection is easily the best assemblage of Sega games you can find on PS2. Though the presentation isn't quite as strong as I'd like, the sheer number of quality games makes any missteps forgivable. The graphics, while 16-bit, are as crisp and attractive as possible. If you are a fan of the Genesis, this is one collection that can't be missed. There's no doubt that at least 10 of the 32 games included will suck away a few dozen hours of your time. At $20, this a bargain almost impossible to pass up.
4Players.de (Jan 11, 2007)
Wie auch immer: Einige der geilsten Spiele der 16Bit-Ära, Tonnen an Bonusmaterial, großartige Emulation, ein einfacher Mehrspielermodus, viele Luxusfeatures und noch viel mehr machen die Mega Drive Collection zum Polarstern der Retro-Sammlungen, und damit zu einem klaren Muss für Oldschool-Fans!
Lawrence (Nov 25, 2006)
When it comes to classic compilations, the Genesis Collection features a far superior “good-to-bad ratio” when it comes to the selections. Despite a couple of omissions, this title will give you plenty of hours of classic gaming at an extremely affordable $19.99 price tag.
GameSpot (Nov 22, 2006)
The Sega Genesis Collection is one of the most satisfying, well-put-together classic game compilations to date. That it's available for a budget price on the PlayStation 2 makes it all the more tempting, though being able to take these games with you anywhere makes the PSP version a great choice, too. Even if you were an avid fan of the Genesis back in its heyday, chances are you never got around to playing a number of these games, many of which are still quite fun and remarkably challenging even by today's standards. Or, even if the Genesis is before your time or you simply never got one, there's just so much history packed into this collection that it'd be a great choice for anybody interested in video games in general.
SEGA-Portal.de (Sep 20, 2009)
So viele Klassiker für so wenig Geld bekommt man nirgendwo anders – weder als Originalmodule noch auf virtuellen Konsolen. Jedem, der die Vorreiter der aktuellen Games einmal erleben möchte, ist die SEGA Mega Drive Collection wärmstens ans Herz gelegt, auch wenn sich ein paar Nieten unter den über zwei Dutzend Titeln versteckt haben. Denn die Mehrheit machen namenhafte Spiele aus, die beinahe jedes Genre abdecken und auch heute noch lange an den Bildschirm fesseln. Doch auch alle alten Hasen können sich die Sammlung ruhig einmal anschauen, denn mit interessantem Bonusmaterial wurde nicht gegeizt!
Sega-16.com (Nov 14, 2006)
So in the end, what do you do? You most likely own all of these titles on your Genesis and are questioning the prospect of purchasing them again. Let me remind you that you’re getting more than two dozen games on a single disc, and you can finally play the Phantasy Star games without worrying about your battery back up going belly up. Even if you’re into emulation (which means you probably weren’t reading this review to begin with), this is still something for worth looking into. The bonus materials are great additions and really, for only $20 it’s a great value. There’s always bound to be some criticism of any compilation, and that’s what future volumes are for. The bottom line is: if you’re a Genesis fan, then this is in your Playstation 2 library.
GameSpy (Nov 28, 2006)
Though it's far from perfect, Sega Genesis Collection delivers some fantastic games for a great price. Games like Shinobi III, Phantasy Star IV and Gain Ground are worth the cost of admission alone. While a real Genesis console can offer a better-looking and sounding experience, Sega Genesis Collection is the next best thing.
Level 7 (Feb 08, 2007)
Alla sanna spelare borde införskaffa Sega Mega Drive Collection. Det är en fin sammanfattning av Mega Drives spelbibliotek och ett stycke spelhistoria som omsorgsfullt dokumenterats. I min mening är några av guldkornen i samlingen värda spelets pris på egen hand.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jan 30, 2007)
Av de totalt 33 inkluderade spelen är inte alla av toppklass, men tillräckligt många för att Mega Drive Collection ska kännas långt mer prisvärt än någon annan samling. Att alla spel dessutom känns hyfsat tekniskt fräscha gör ju inte precis saken sämre. Kort sagt är det här en samling ingen spelare bör missa, i synnerhet inte om du hör till dem som missade Mega Driven under dess glans dagar då Sega dominerade spelindustrin och Sonic var mer känd bland barn än självaste Mario.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 29, 2008)
Retro gaming is obviously an acquired taste, but with Sega Mega Drive Collection the legendary Japanese platform-holder-come-publisher have granted us a generous and varied journey into their almost unrivalled back-catalogue. Boasting easily dozens of hours of gameplay and at least half a dozen bona-fide classics, SMDC is not only one of the best value packages ever released, but one of the best retro packaged ever compiled.
PSX Extreme (Nov 15, 2006)
All in all, the Sega Genesis Collection is exactly what it should be: a fun-filled romp down memory lane for the old-schoolers, and an entertaining glimpse into the past for the younger gaming class. Besides, one of the best new features is something we can all identify with- you can save. Yes, that's right, you can save your progress in any game you select, which is a luxury we certainly never had with the Genesis. And for the budget price of $20, you can bring home 28 games that are displayed in all their initial glory. It's nothing groundbreaking or breathtaking or mouth-on-the-floor fantastic, but as we said from the start, it's not supposed to be. You'll have plenty of fun, and that's what counts.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 02, 2007)
In these days of paying over the odds to download crippled Virtual Console games, and pretending not to notice how many Microsoft points are on your credit card, this latest compilation takes on an even greater value and may even - whisper it - encourage a few of us to finally take the original boxes out from under the bed, and consider putting them lovingly in the attic.
FZ (Feb 20, 2007)
Som spelsamling betraktat är det svårt att hitta något riktigt negativt med Sega Mega Drive Collection. Visst, det saknas ett antal titlar som och några av dem som finns håller inte riktigt i dagsläget, men det är något som ligger i sakens natur. Jag var själv en av de mobbade Sega-killarna under det tidiga 90-talet och som sådan kan jag verkligen uppskatta de flesta av de titlar som ingår i samlingen, men jag är även övertygad om att de som aldrig fick chansen att uppleva Segas glansdagar har mycket att hämta här, om de uppskattar annat än snygg grafik det vill säga.
Games Master (Feb, 2007)
If you do the sums you realise that this works out as amazing value for 20 quid. If you can't do the sums perhaps the names Golden Axe, Sonic 1 and 2, Ecco, Alex Kidd, Shinobi and Phantasy Star 2 will help persuade you that this collection really is worth your attention. Recommended.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 18, 2007)
They're still worth checking out as historical curiosities, though, curiosities that otherwise might have just disappeared. That's an underrated aspect of a retro pack's quality. Like any game software, they're meant to be fun to play, but they're also an important way of preserving gaming history.

This Genesis Collection does that. Some of the selections aren't exactly lasting favorites, and others might not necessarily be for everyone. Take it all together, though, and it's a pretty clear snapshot of what made Sega's 16-bit console worth remembering. It's a great nostalgia trip, an even better history lesson, and hopefully the first in a long series of Genny revivals.
Worth Playing (Dec 05, 2006)
Sega Genesis Collection is a nice reminder of some of Sega's best days as a first-party developer, and the lengthy list of titles on board helps chronicle the console's history as a provider of diverse games. Though there are a few classics missing from the group, the compilation is a nice mini-encyclopedia of games that still carry appeal more than a decade later, and is a good deal at $20 for Sega fans and old school gamers alike, with a few added unlockables granting it a bit more value.
SGC is probably a guaranteed winner for anyone who owned a Sega Genesis. The games are simple, but may be too difficult for young kids (who also have bigger, flashier games to hold their attention nowadays). I got a kick out of the extra content, and since it was unlockable, it provides a reward for gameplay, at least for a while. This is a good collection, with some good extras. The only thing I'd ask for are for more games and more extras, but for the price, SGC is not bad.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 09, 2006)
Retrogamers, track this down. it’s a nice piece of history from when Sega had the most popular console of its day. Unlike now when they have well…none. Take in the greatness of so many of these games, and ignore the ones you wish had stayed buried. It’s nice to be reminded of when Sega was at its best. Let’s just hope they’ll get back up there again some day. SEGA!
Game Chronicles (Dec 13, 2006)
Maybe if “Sega Genesis Collection” was only the first of a multi-volume compilation I’d be more receptive to the selections presented on this disc. But I take issue with several of these titles being called “classics”. Like most collections (and like most of life), this is a case of a handful of superstars flanked by quite a few ho-hum efforts that should have been sidelined in favor of better games from a wider array of genres.
WomenGamers.com (Mar 11, 2008)
This collection would be of interest to anyone who is a video game completist that wants to see early versions of their present favorite games. It has full-on nostalgia going for it too. If the early 1990's holds a place in your heart you will definitely enjoy these games again. If you were a little kid back then, you'll be happy to be reunited with Ecco and Sonic. Omission of the Streets of Rage series was a disappointment to me if not anyone else. I have memories of playing it as one of the original co-op games. But some things are better left in the past I guess. The collection was well done, and the inclusions and omissions can't please everybody. It is an expensive value for the price even if you are only want to play just a few of these.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jan 15, 2007)
Voilà une compilation d'anciens jeux tout à fait convaincante. Proposant de nombreux titres intéressants et des bonus de qualité (interviews, bandes-annonces, astuces...), Mega Drive Collection vous permettra en outre de sauvegarder votre progression à tout moment dans n'importe quel titre. Un avantage non négligeable comparé aux jeux d'origine lorsqu'on souhaite faire de petites parties fractionnées. A quand un Sega Saturn Collection ?
Video Game Talk (Dec 04, 2006)
28 games for $20. Good deal. Granted, not every game as a winner, and the controls feel far less responsive than they should, but overall, there's too much value here for anyone to pass up. Fans of 16-bit gaming should own this already, but for those who always wondered what video games were like before particle effects, this is the collection for you.
Nuts (Feb 02, 2007)
Sega dips into its Mega Drive goody bag and pulls out 28 fabulous games from yesteryear, including an early sighting of Golden Axe.