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90 (UK) (May 26, 2006)
It might only take a second to score a goal, but it's taken eight ponderous years for Jon Hare and co to make a new Sensible Soccer game. You might ask: Why now? What's the point? EA and Konami have had the footy market so tightly sewn up for so long it's embarrassing. Cast your mind back over recent years and the list of casualties is staggering: Take-Two's infamous Champions League efforts, Infogrames' deluded Ronaldo V-Football, Sega's unholy trinity of Worldwide Soccer/UEFA Dream Soccer and Virtua Striker releases, Virgin's awful European Super League, Acclaim's brief and pointless attempt to revive the Kick Off brand, and Codemasters' own ill-fated Club Football efforts. Sony has come closest to breaking the FIFA-PES duopoly with This Is Football, but even that hasn't built on a promising start it enjoyed in the early days of the PS2 (World Tour Soccer's PSP bundle success aside).
TTGamer (Jun 28, 2006)
Sensible Soccer is a game that surprised us. Kuju has done a fantastic job bringing the classic game series back for a new generation while keeping it fun and one of the most pick up and play football games around. If you go in expecting FIFA you will be disappointed, but for a quick kick around at high pace, it's the best choice around.
3DAvenue (Jun 28, 2006)
Sensible Soccer is a game that surprised us. Kuju has done a fantastic job bringing the classic game series back for a new generation while keeping it fun and one of the most pick up and play football games around. If you go in expecting FIFA you will be disappointed, but for a quick kick around at high pace, it's the best choice around.
games xtreme (Jun 29, 2006)
To conclude, Sensible Soccer 2006 is a game of two halves, one half is pure frustration whereas the other is very rewarding.
GameSpot (Jun 14, 2006)
Originally released on the Commodore Amiga, Sensible Soccer was a top-down arcade-style game that was immensely popular with football fans. Ironically, for a series that eschewed realism, the greatest entry was Sensible World of Soccer, which offered a wealth of teams from around the globe and even basic management features. After a couple of roster updates to SWOS, and a mediocre PlayStation and PC update in 1999, the series was abandoned and gamers moved on to the realism of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. But after well-received mobile phone and TV-game versions of Sensible Soccer, a proper update was announced by Codemasters under the supervision of original designer Jon Hare. That version is here in Sensible Soccer 2006, and for better or for worse, it travels familiar roads.
70 (Jun 19, 2006)
Sensible Soccer war damals eines meiner ersten Fußballspiele am PC und hat mich vor allem in Mehrspielerduellen mehrere Jahre lang begeistern können. Die Neuauflage Sensible Soccer 2006 transportiert das Spielgefühl von damals im Grunde sehr gut in die heutige Zeit, letztlich spielt es sich genauso wie der Klassiker, was auf jeden Fall als Lob aufzufassen ist. Dennoch hätte ich mir im Jahre 2006 dann doch schon etwas mehr Langzeitmotivation gewünscht. Warum gibt es beispielsweise nur einen viel zu einfachen Schwierigkeitsgrad? Technisch hinkt das Spiel zwar etliche Jahre zurück, doch zumindest die Grafik ist recht stilvoll geraten. Ein dickes Minus gibt es allerdings für die viel zu hektische Kamera. Für einen flotten Kick zwischendurch gegen einen Freund eignet sich Sensible Soccer 2006 aber auf jeden Fall, mit aktuellen Genrevertretern darf man die Neuauflage indes nicht vergleichen.
GameCell UK (Jul 10, 2006)
I wondered how long it would be before someone dusted off the Sensible Soccer name for another outing. It might not have been realistic to look at, but a little under 15 years ago Sensible Soccer was the only football game for the discerning gamer. While most football games superglued the ball to players' feet, Sensi let the ball run almost free, with the ball rolling away from players if they got up too much speed or tried to change direction when moving quickly. Played at a lightning fast pace, Sensi was chaotic, but huge fun.
62 (Jun 23, 2006)
Manchmal sollte man Spiele-Perlen der Vergangenheit einfach in Frieden ruhen lassen. Mit Sensible Soccer 2006 entweiht Codemasters jedoch das ehrwürdige Grab des Amiga-Klassikers und versäumt es trotz guter Ansätze, das Fußballfieber von damals erneut zu entfachen. Der Grund dafür liegt nicht in der bescheidenen Präsentation, die gemessen an heutigen Maßstäben auf ganzer Linie billig wirkt. Ich mag den Stil, die Kicker mit ihren dicken Köpfen und die Retro-Optik. Doch die hektische Kamera zehrt an meinen Sehnerven, die laschen KI-Kicker stellen selbst für Anfänger keine Herausforderung dar und die hingeschluderte Soundkulisse ohne jeglichen Hauch von Dynamik und Atmosphäre versetzt mich gedanklich höchstens auf einen verlassenen Bolzplatz. Im Multiplayer kommt immerhin kurzweilig Fußballspaß auf, der gut unterhält. Was dem Titel hier noch den Kick gegeben hätte, wäre ein Onlinemodus, der aus mir unverständlichen Gründen nicht integriert wurde.
Game Critics (Jul 12, 2006)
Even in its mid-90s heyday, Sensible Soccer was a game so austere, so reductionist, so masculinely unfrivolous (yet ironically dainty) that to profess genuine adoration for it is deemed wholly acceptable among gamers of a certain age and understanding. Like Frequency, WarioWare and Katamari Damacy after it, it was a game that recalled the style and simplicity of trailblazing arcade games from the 70's and 80's, and yet felt effortlessly dynamic when viewed next to its own bloated contemporaries.
Boomtown (Jul 17, 2006)
What is football without a little controversy? A dry butter-less toast affair, that's what. Sensible Soccer 2006 managed to create enough pre-match buzz to parallel that of the England side going into World Cup 2006, only for the initial signs of excitement to fade away into distress and concern once early examples of play were shown. There's no doubt Codemasters' throwback to videogame football legend has picked up some rather mixed press so far. In our preview of Sensible Soccer 2006 we posed the question of whether it was a brave or stupid move to try and revisit the cherished past. The answer is here, and to be frank, it's not particularly pretty
AceGamez (Jul 10, 2006)
At one time or another it's happened to almost all of us. It's a beautiful day and you should be with your mates but instead your parents have decided that today is the day that your family is going to visit your elderly relatives. What follows is an extremely boring and uncomfortable three hour car journey, which seems to last more like three days, and sees your Dad announcing that he has only brought one cassette for the stereo, which strangely turns out to be Genesis' Greatest Hits or whatever other favourite he has, which he then proceeds to sing along to for the entire trip.
Pro-G (Jun 06, 2006)
As much as you want something to be true, you often can't delude yourself forever. I believe that Spurs will make the Champions League next season and finally become a force in European football. I'm really hoping it turns out like that, but chances are that reality will come crashing down on me mid-way through the season. This is Spurs after all. Anyway, this rambling has a point. Sensible Soccer 2006 is exactly like Spurs: you'll think it's great and then some stupid plonker will go and ruin it for everyone.
45 (Jun 13, 2006)
Comme pour une réédition ou une compilation de classiques, il est compliqué d'attribuer une note à ce genre de titre. Pourtant, même pour un amateur qui est resté collé des heures sur le premier Sensible Soccer, la copie manque singulièrement de fraîcheur et de nouveautés. Quand on dispose d'un gameplay un peu fou-fou, autant l'exploiter au maximum et pousser le délire à son paroxysme en apportant des petits plus à la jouabilité. Sinon, la tentative n'a pas vraiment lieu d'être.