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Almost perfect MAT (180529) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
The first must have of 2005 shines in the shadow of rome Jason S (9) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.8

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games xtreme (May 09, 2005)
As a whole Shadow of Rome is a very, very good game, it combines varying styles of game-play that will keep the gamer on his toes, and the game is long enough to keep you playing into the small hours of the morning. There are also enough options and extras that will make you want to come back for more, even if it just is for a free for all in one of the arena battles. There are however small annoyances contained in the game such as the control system where different buttons do different things at different times, but sometimes not always when you want to. Also in the easier mode of the two, the enemies seem a bit “stupid” and sometimes just stand there while you hack them to death, and when attacking large groups, 2 or 3 of the enemies stand off until you have killed the others, which is not a major fault, it just seems unrealistic. Overall though Shadow of Rome is a great game that contains enough game-play for hours and hours of very bloody fun.
GameSpot (Feb 07, 2005)
Shadow of Rome offers some of the best hack-and-slash combat out there and wraps it up in an interesting story that puts an original spin on the whole Julius Caesar-getting-murdered thing. It's also got plenty of gameplay variety to keep you motivated from start to finish, and it's always pretty to look at. Some say that video game shelves are flooded with sequels that are too short and too easy these days. If that's you, then Shadow of Rome is definitely your game.
81 (Jan 27, 2005)
Mensch, selten ist mir ein so vor rotem Lebenssaft triefendes Spiel untergekommen wie "Shadow of Rome". Und das Beste daran: Die Gladiatorenkämpfe machen einen Heidenspaß! Die Entwickler haben die Atmosphäre des brutalen Freizeitvergnügens perfekt eingefangen. Wären da nur nicht die Stealth-Abschnitte: Sie bremsen das Spiel immer wieder aus, da sie nicht ganz mit den spannenden Schlachten mithalten können. Trotzdem: "Shadow of Rome" ist ein Geheimtipp für Freunde von "Ben Hur" und "Gladiator" und durchweg empfehlenswert!
Gaming Target (Aug 15, 2005)
Beware the ides of March, for this day may be your last. Julius Caesar was a man of great power, respect, and dignity. Historically, Julius Caesar was the idealized personality of Rome way, way, way back. Having been hailed as a paramount leader both politically and strategically on the battlefield, Julius Caesar had led an exemplary life and carried the love of Rome on his side. All until the betrayal from his trusted counsel members of course, whom conspired in secret to seek the fall of the once precious Julius Caesar. Going along with that, Roman times as some of whom may or may not be up to the minute with, is really one of the more hot commodities that in recent years is undergoing various forms of game and move makings.
UOL Jogos (Feb 21, 2005)
"Shadow of Rome" acabou não recebendo tanta atenção durante sua produção, mas se mostrou uma grata surpresa, com uma mecânica de jogo consistente, e lutas dignas do pedigree do produtor de "Onimusha".
Yahoo! Games (Feb 08, 2005)
The bloody fighter is Agrippa, just returned to Rome to find his father accused of Caesar's murder. Dad is scheduled to be executed for the crime, and without oversimplifying, it's safe to say that Agrippa decides to carve a path to his gallows. He's aided by Octavius, an old friend who can't fight for beans, but knows how to sneak like a primitive Clancy op. The game is evenly divided between the two, as Octavius searches for information which is then acted upon in brutal fashion by the warrior.
GamePro (US) (Feb 09, 2005)
Shadow of Rome is a maddening game to play in that it's almost assassinated by its own good intentions. On one hand, the arena combat scenes are exciting and thrilling to play, but Metal Gear Solidknockoff stealth stages break up those sequences and bring the game to a grinding halt.
79 (Feb 05, 2005)
So zweigeteilt wie das Spiel gestaltet sich auch der Gesamteindruck von Capcoms Abstecher ins antike Rom: Während auf der einen Seite die Gladiatorenkämpfe mit abwechslungsreichen Aufgaben, einer Unmenge an Kombo- und Waffenmöglichkeiten sowie nicht zuletzt auch durch einen enormen Blutanteil zu beeindrucken wissen, hinterlassen die Schleichabschnitte nur einen gerade mal durchschnittlichen Eindruck. Doch obwohl sie als Kontrapunkt zu den ultraharten Action-Sequenzen einen gelungenen Ruhepol darstellen, bieten sie in sich zu wenig Variation, um langfristig einen gleichwertiges Spielspaß-Gegengewicht zu bieten. Allerdings bleibt festzuhalten, dass Capcom vermutlich besser bedient gewesen wäre, wenn man sich auf die Kämpfe an sich konzentriert und die Stealth-Einlagen raus gelassen hätte. Dann nämlich hätte Shadow of Rome das Zeug gehabt, als kompromissloser Action-Titel ohne jeglichen Beigeschmack in Award-Nähe zu rücken.
IGN (Feb 04, 2005)
Shadow of Rome is split in half between two characters, Agrippa and Octavianus, two characters caught up in the aftermath of Caesar's assassination. Agrippa's father is blamed for the murder and it's up to him and Octavianus to clear his name. Well, it's really up to Octavianus to sneak around parts of Rome to piece together the clues as to who was really behind the murder. He can't fight anyone and so his role is to be as stealthy as possible to figure things out.
75 (Feb 04, 2005)
Shadow Of Rome doit composer avec ses défauts et ses qualités mais ce qui ressort au final est une production bien rodée et particulièrement excitante. Il est regrettable que la difficulté soit mal dosée et que les phases d'infiltration n'apportent pas grand chose mais malgré ces errements, le titre de Capcom est un modèle de bestialité qui nous fera plonger dans l'enfer d'une Rome dominée par la violence d'un spectacle barbare. Terriblement violent, terriblement impressionnant, terriblement prenant.
GameZone (Feb 08, 2005)
Despite these frequent criticisms, millions of people lined up to see Russell Crowe slaughter a few dozen gladiators on the big screen. The History Channel has aired countless specials on the ferocious coliseum battles. Hundreds, if not thousands of books have been written about what went on before, during and after Caesar's reign.
1UP (Feb 08, 2005)
Ambition is a cruel mistress and Shadows of Rome feels like it was shortchanged and -- in some ways -- rushed. During the development of the game, the team must have had to cut back on countless ideas originally on the drawing board. If the game had stuck to a straightforward gladiator format, Shadows of Rome would have made one of the standout titles of its type. As it is, however, this adventure simply bit off way more than it could chew with the stealth sections. The end result is certainly a thumbs up -- but only just.
Gameplanet (Mar 21, 2005)
Shadow of Rome seeks to rectify that somewhat with a fairly accurate recreation of ancient Rome, and a different take on Julius Caesar's murder. Many of the characters in the game are drawn from real-life people and the events are all mostly faithful to what we know about Roman history. The level of realism doesn't stop at the setting or the people, with much of the action that of ordinary folk. No spells or fantasy characters appear, with the bulk of the opponents being ordinary soldiers or fighters.
GameSpy (Feb 07, 2005)
Maybe the fact that the Onimusha games are so popular should have been an indicator to Capcom that Western gamers aren't necessarily bothered about a game tied to their own history. Maybe all they want is something fantastic from the publisher's own country of origin. Shadow of Rome is easily eclipsed by any number of well-rounded, story-fed action games on the PlayStation 2. But if you're still interested in getting to the bottom of Caesar's untimely demise, then maybe you want to give it a whirl. Everyone else should probably try it before they plop down a fifty spot. And Capcom, one more thing ... it shouldn't be easier to kill two crazed tigers with your fists than it is to kill one diminutive hunchback wielding a tiny dagger. Just a thought...
The Video Game Critic (Feb 27, 2005)
Graphically, Shadow of Rome's graphics are first-rate, with the most realistic faces and facial expressions I've ever seen in a video game. The well-crafted scenery features convincing stone textures and shiny marble floors. As a bonus, there's a mega-hottie named Claudia with a truly devastating figure (holy cow!). Shadow of Rome's dialogue quality is generally good, and a dramatic orchestrated soundtrack gives the game a cinematic quality. The skill level is fair and it never took me more than a few attempts to clear any stage. I wasn't a fan of the stealth stages, but I found the gory battles very satisfying. If you enjoy history and appreciate games with some variety, Shadow of Rome will not disappoint.
Diehard GameFan (Mar 01, 2005)
Shadow of Rome is a decent first offering in a possible franchise, but there needs to be some tweaking to the formula before it’s really ready for prime time. Perhaps something other than all killing followed by all stealth, or maybe focusing on one character instead of two separate ones. Whatever the case, I’m interested in seeing what they do with it.
60 (UK) (Feb 02, 2005)
In truth the concept of Shadow of Rome is superb on paper, and bits of it work really well. Once the combat stops being a one-button-win it builds into a genuinely captivating series of varied events and manages to present the futile bloodlust in an unsympathetic light, yet making the process of limb removal, beheading or carving someone's torso straight down the middle a thrilling experience. But given that 50 per cent of the game involves some inescapably poor stealth interludes that Capcom is evidently not experienced in pulling off you're left mumbling into your beer about a missed opportunity. One to definitely consider a rental of over a weekend, but we'd find it hard to justify a full price purchase, it pains us to admit.
Game Revolution (Feb 10, 2005)
Despite its grandiose subject matter, Shadow of Rome is merely a bad stealth game chained to a limited action game. While mauling people as Agrippa is fun when you get the chance to do it, the combat system isn’t revolutionary or deep enough to warrant the effort of dealing with the crummy Octavianus bits. History would do best to forget this one.