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PlayStation 2 version

Story premise
Caesar recognized his killer... but will you find out who he was as well?
Main Title/Main Menu
Options screen
Gladiators fight for the amusement of the crowd.
Looks like three rooms of death await you.
Measuring strength in hope to find a weak spot.
Now that you found a shield, you can use it to repel the attacks, but everything has its durability.
A Roman guard tells you to kill all the criminals in the arena (you can't attack the guard, though).
The longer you live and more blood you spill, the bigger the shouts from the crowd will be.
Boss battle... only one will leave this sand pit alive.
Exiting arena victorious
Chapter 1
Chapter info giving you some general clues and pointers.
Inside the camp should be safe enough... let's hope so.
Don't go wonder in the forest alone unless looking for trouble.
Aside from when the game prompts you to save, you can use open books (which are always on the same place) to save your game in progress.
Octavianus is trying to talk his way out, while disguised as the senator.
The info sheet of the characters you meet in the game expands as the story unfolds.
Agrippa fighting two roman soldiers to stop the execution.
Agrippa trying to save his mother... notice you can only skip cinematics if you already passed that point in the game.
At the training grounds
Secret garden behind the Sextus' office
Talking to Claudia
You can talk to your comrades and choose a weapon prior to entering the arena.
Fighting tigers and a gladiator at the same time.
In the claws of a tiger
Admiring the view on your way to the temple.
Settling an old score with general Decius.
What a bloodshed... who could've done this?
Into the arena we go
Accompanied by Claudia (looking at her in first-person mode).
The sunset will soon become much brighter when we start burning the ships in the harbour