Written by  :  Melody (119)
Written on  :  Aug 27, 2007
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Touching story without words, and special gameplay!

The Good

Too many good things!

First, the gameplay. You ride a horse in this game. I can ride horses in real life, and the way you ride the horse in the game feels very real. It's not like driving a car, but like riding a real animal. Sometimes this animal doesn't listen to you, you'll have to learn how to control it. You can also pet your horse on the neck! So cute! I discovered you can do that if you don't equip your sword and bow.

Now about the most interesting thing. The colossi are absolutely different. There are flying colossi, swimming colossi, and every battle against a colossus is different.

To defeat the colossi, you'll have to think about many different things. It's necessary to think about how to climb on the colossus, how to find his weak point.

There are battles on the earth, in the air, in the water. You'll have to think how to act in different places. Fighting on the ground is not at all the same as in the water.

For example, two totally different battles. There is a colossus who is like a fish, all the time in the water. In the beginning, you can't even understand how you can beat this colossus. You have to watch the fish very carefully, and the timing must be very exact!

Another amazing battle, and very scary, against the sand worm, where you ride your horse and shoot! This colossus also does some silly things.

The colossi themselves are totally different. Some are beautiful, some are ugly. Some are evil, some are cute. There is one beautiful bird, like a phoenix. Some colossi attack you immediately, even if you don't attack. Some attack you only when you attack them. And some don't attack at all! And the final one is really special. Unlike anyone you've seen before. And he wears clothes.

You have feelings to those colossi. I liked some and I disliked some. I like animals, and don't like those who look like humans. You have pity to some when you kill them, or don't have pity. I think those primitive animals are the most poor. The final colossus (even though he can't move) is pretty intelligent. He even takes you into the hand and looks at you. But the animals are not so smart, they don't have such abilities, so it's like hunting.

The moment you meet a colossus, there is great action. In most games, you have levels and bosses, and in this game, levels and the bosses are the same! The levels are moving, and you have to hang... I shouted too much when my husband and I played the game!

The story is short, but very touching. There is one very touching moment in the game, my husband and I both cried! In this story, almost nobody speaks, but there is always so much atmosphere.

Graphics are beautiful. The mountains, the magic bridge... And there is no game that can match "Shadow of the Colossus" in animation. Amazing.

There are so many great details in the game. The face of the hero becomes more ugly the more you play the game. There are some very special save points in the game, you have to kneel and pray in order to save.

The Bad

Nothing bad... maybe the camera. The colossi are so big, and the camera is moving, sometimes you can't see yourself. But actually, it's not bad... it's part of the gameplay. You fight such a big animal, of course sometimes you can only see his back.

Actually, I have nothing bad to say, so I said that just to say something...

The Bottom Line

One of my most favorite games. You beat sixteen amazing creatures to see the ending of the story that is full of surprises.