Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Introduction movie
Title screen
Welcome to Nirvana
Mantra grid: pick skills to master.
Mantra grid (zoomed-out)
Equip a karma ring to boost your stats.
Karma rings are customizable.
Equip skills to use while fighting.
Berserk mode: half human, half demon
Game engine cut-scene
Four angels, optional bosses
One of meetings with Tribhvana
A somewhat familiar character
A distant place (minor spoiler)
Small red terminals will allow you to save your game and teleport to the dungeon's entrance area
A fully explored map of a dungeon segment, with marks for important events
A boss battle! Get ready, check out your spells!
You attempt to devour Loa. He doesn't seem to like that
Aww, the poor guy... :)
Like in most Megaten games, you'll spend plenty of time riding elevators
A desolate, spooky scene. Madness is what people have left in this place...
Laboratory Dome
Traveling between city districts on a map
Each district comes with a short presentation
Underground City sector
One of the game's more colorful, lively indoor environments
Occupied Sector dungeon. Most dungeons in the game are rather featureless - this one at least has some urban look to it
Zapping the powerful-looking dragon enemy with an electricity spell
Close-up on Sera
A more sleazy area of the city. Go ahead, talk to people!..
Processing Plant area
Aww, those guys look kinda cute!..
Descending into Waterways dungeon
-Hey guys, what are doing there?.. -Nothing. Just chillin'!
Viewing a remote fire from the city park
Administration District
Zooming in during an enemy attack. This Greek hero hacks me with a sword!..
You'll meet so many strange, exotic creatures in this game, that a hundred screenshots couldn't possibly cover!
In a sparsely decorated room, near a green Life Terminal
Uh-oh, this can't be good. Ganesha, come on, what are you doing?.. ... Or is this Girimekhala?..
Decisive meeting at the airport
An even more heart-breakingly desolate dungeon
One-on-one battle against a fierce flying beast
There is only one thing I can say here: "Oh yeah?! And you fight like a COW"!!