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Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 04, 2007)
Die Shrek-Filme sorgen stets für volle Kinos. Beim dritten Teil wird das nicht anders sein. Der besondere Witz und die Anti-Helden-Eigenschaften des grünen Hauptdarstellers sind witzig und originell. Doch das kommt in den Spielen kaum rüber. Besonders in der PC-Version und den Varianten für die großen Konsolen sind die eingebauten Witze eher peinlich. Die Komik ergibt sich oft unfreiwillig, wenn etwa Feenstaub aus Möbeln strömt oder Shrek von quiekenden, hoppelnden Zwergen attackiert wird. Dank des niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades können immerhin auch schon kleinere Kinder mitspielen - wenn sie denn wollen. Den Älteren fehlt vielleicht die nötige Herausforderung, denn das Spielgeschehen ist schlicht zu simpel.
Softpedia (May 27, 2007)
Like the movie, Shrek the Third, the game is not exactly what we wanted, but it manages to put the forgiving smile on our faces, especially when we realize that this is a media product designed for the kids. However, we can't help noticing that the previous Shrek installments and movies were more witty, fun and original. This is becoming some sort of trend, so we'll soon start avoiding the titles that appear at the same time with the movies. We've seen what happened to Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3, Fantastic Four, The Hulk and many other titles. Let's hope that the just released Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (movie and game) won't share Shrek the Third's fate.
IGN (May 21, 2007)
The game captures the feel of the franchise, but seriously lacks any sort of depth or attention to detail, as the game is ridden with buggy areas, odd animation glitches, and an entirely linear design. Any way you slice it, Shrek cuts corners, and though it’s still fun to rip through levels, beating up on enemies with simple combos and gag-based finishing attacks, players who want to dive in will find the waters shallow. The entire game can be played with three buttons (or a button and Wii-mote/nunchuk waggle on Wii), and never goes beyond an average quarter-jerking arcade experience. Put a few hours into the game and you’ll see all it has to offer. If you’re in dire need of some Shrek action this summer, give this one a rent. All others should save their cash for a more committed and in depth gaming experience; Shrek is thin even for a licensed title.
Shrek the Third is certainly a fun game to laugh at, but mostly for reasons that would make you regret playing it. This button-mashing brawler offers decent combat functionality, yet cannot deliver one adversary that you would actually feel good about punching…unless you get a kick out of clocking knights that are as passive as Buddhist monks. With levels that redefine “linear,” there is no need to collect objects in a game like this, but that’s mostly what you end up doing. Shrek may have found a place in the fairy tale kingdom, but in gaming, he’s still a grotesque abomination that should be burned at the stake.
PSX Extreme (May 29, 2007)
Overall, Shrek the Third is not a very good game. It's easily the worst of the summer trilogy titles (Pirates, Spidey, Shrek), which is sort of apt, seeing as how it was also the worst among the competing trilogy movies. Poor visuals, dated gameplay, and horrible audio really make this one a game to avoid.
GameSpot (May 18, 2007)
What's perhaps most depressing about Shrek the Third is that the actual quality of the game will have little, if any, bearing on its success. The game seems to operate under the notion that its audience simply isn't concerned with getting an experience that's interesting or inventive, and sadly, it's probably right.
45 (Jun 25, 2007)
On aimerait pouvoir conserver de la sympathie pour ce nouveau volet ludique de Shrek, mais au final, il réalise une prestation encore plus décevante que ses prédécesseurs, tant dans son gameplay que dans sa réalisation franchement risible sur Xbox 360, et à peine potable sur Wii.