Written by  :  Iced Earth (11)
Written on  :  Aug 23, 2002
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
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``this is how to make a survival horror game``

The Good

everything in this game was great :) when i first played it i was sitting in front of the tv waiting on the FMV sequence finishing at the begining where he was standing in the road side toilet cubicle. and i waited for about a minute thinking when is this going to give me control of the character cos i just saw him standing there so i tried to move him and he started to move and i thought to myself ``i`ve been standing here like a fool and i could have moved all along`` that was how god the FMV sequences were just like the graphics i couldn`t really tell the difference i had never seen anything like that before.

the story line is the best one in any game so far it touches your emotionaly at times or tries to while still keeping it`s horror feel to it which was really good i thought. atmosphere was and is second to none i`ll wait till res evil comes out on the cube to see if it can match SH2 for atmosphere .

great game far superior to the original in every way the start of the game was well done you started at least a couple of miles away from the town and had to run all the way there when you left the road side toilet and ran down the stairs into the forrest and down the path you heard a loud noise as if something was coming through the tree`s at you but nothing happened it`s things like that that i love about the game pure genius so it is they have to be to think of games like Silent Hill 2.

roll on Silent Hill 3 cant wait to see how #3 turns out.

The Bad

there is nothing to hate about this game if you like survival horror game`s

The Bottom Line

if you like survival horror game`s then you have to play this even if you did not like the original you will like this because it`s far far superior.