Silent Hill 2 (PlayStation 2)

Silent Hill 2 Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu (after game was finished once)
Not the best place to start the game, huh?
The game sets you in the right mood as soon as you read Mary's letter.
Most of the time you'll reach the point of no return, so pay attention to exploring a bit more. You may find some useful items... such as maps.
Browsing through your inventory. This is also the screen which shows your health, where you can change ingame options, look at the map,...
Real time effects such as lighting, mirroring, fog, and such are really helping increase the ambient.
Guess our hero is determined to seek some answers no matter what lurks in the bushes.
Good thing about having a map is that James will constantly doodle upon it and mark interesting places and those he's been at.
James is cleaning the poll from whatever's crawling in it with his trusty handgun which he found at someone's walmarkt basket.
After some time of playing, even you will start to question your sanity.
Wherever you go - blockades. Hmm, this sounds very deja vu alike.
Talking with... err, Maria through the bars.
There will be a time when you'll have to take care of someone else beside you. A better looking someone else.
Some actions will automatically be triggered when you're searching close enough.
Meeting Eddie, not under best circumstances, though.
According to the level you chose at startup, same puzzles will change in difficulty and solutions.
Watch who you offend, it is a strange mist circling in this eerie town that affects people's minds, so to say.
A moment of judgement.
Laura is a mysterious young girl that seems to have a connection to your late wife. Can she hold some clue? Some answers?
The way you treat Maria may lead to several different endings in this game.
Entering the freezer.
For some reason, you are always prompted to search for Laura, even though it always costs you playing with your life.
It's a strange relationship between Maria and you... it always lets you ask yourself what will happen next and is there a point when you'll get to answer her what you want.
Row row row your boat far too slowly down the stream. This part in the game is a nice touch, no matter it may become frustrating in certain occasions.
Walking through the flooded areas is particularly well made.
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - main menu
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - the place where the game was born
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - the main team trio
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - restroom scene artwork
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - hospital scene artwork
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - cutscene direction
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - developer interview
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - Maria character model
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - game cutscene ideas
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - motion capture for Eddie character
"Making of Silent Hill 2" DVD - motion capture for James and Angela characters on a burning stairwell cutscene