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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 1.9
Overall User Score (7 votes) 2.4

Critic Reviews

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Video Games (Nov, 2000)
Schade, dass die Käufer nicht mit unterschiedlichen Bonus-Features dazu anregen werden, sich beide Versionen zu Gemüte zu führen. So macht es eigentlich fast keinen Unterschied, welche der Konvertierungen ihr besitzt. Dennoch schneidet das PS2-Silent Scope mangels VGA-Ausgang und einer etwas unpräziseren Steuerung im direkten Vergleich ein klein wenig schlechter ab. Trotzdem ist die PS2-Version ein Klasse-Spiel, das in keiner Softwaresammlung fehlen sollten.
This is nerve-racking entertainment at its best. While a tad short, its innovative split-second sniping is some of the most intense gaming you’ll run across.
Mega Fun (Nov, 2000)
Yeah! Als Fan der Arcade-Vorlage bin ich von Silent Scope wirklich begeistert. Die technische Umsetzung ist hervorragend gelungen, da die Heimversionen dem Arcade-Vorbild gleichen wie ein Ei dem anderen. Der fair ansteigende Schwierigkeitsgrad sowie der Spielablauf sorgen, zusammen mit den vielseitigen Modi, für einen hohen Replay-Value. Aber Vorsicht! Die Sniper-Mär gehört nicht in Kinderhände. Obwohl kein Blut vergossen wird, geht es trotz allem darum, innerhalb eines vorgegebenen Zeitlimits so viele Menschen wie möglich zu töten. Abschließend kann ich nur jedem volljährigen Arcade- oder Lightgun-Shooter-Fan raten, sich das Spiel anzusehen, denn Silent Scope macht wirklich Laune. Übrigens: Dreamcast- und PS2-Version sind absolut identisch.
PlanetPS2 (Oct 27, 2000)
I will start out by admitting that I like the arcade game. It is just a GOOD feeling to walk up to the cabinet and wrap your arms around that monster gun. On top of that, they have the mechanics down to make a pretty killer game. Then, when you look through the scope and you can get up-close and personal with a target… well, you probably know how good that feels. I am happy to say that Konami has done a SUPERB job on this arcade translation.
Graphically, Silent Scope is amazing, but little has been added. Herein is my complaint with Silent Scope – it’s over too quickly. Story mode is short; most players will probably beat the game in a day. The different modes largely use the same shooting ranges over and over. A great game, but it doesn’t have the legs to make it anything more than a weekend fling.
PSM (Jan, 2001)
Konami has earned almost unanimous praise for recreating the sniping mechanics on a console controller. But the fact remains that the original arcade version, like most coin-ops, is short, and once one finishes it, replayability becomes an issue. Konami has added some extra modes and goodies, and picking off terrorists in a football field from a moving helicopter is fun any way you slice it, but this doesn't offset Silent Scope's glaring shortcomings in story, number of missions, and replayability when compared to games like TimeSplitters and Unreal Tournament.
PSX Extreme (Oct 28, 2000)
Silent Scope's only major flaw is that it may be a bit on the short side, because it took me a little less than an hour to complete the whole game once, although I came back to take the different routes and see where they would take me. Silent Scope has arcade perfect visuals, the gameplay to match it and is a great game for those Time Crisis fans out there. I personally enjoyed playing through it numerous of times, and you will too if you've worn Namco's Time Crisis out. I think that the price for the game may be a bit too much for what the game offers, so some of you may want to rent this before you buy it.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2001)
Silent Scope is een gungame zonder guen en ondanks dat er goed is nagedacht over een vervangende besturing, blijkt deze toch niet te voldoen. De PS2 heeft meer rekenkracht maar in de praktijk zorgt de grotere texture capaciteit van de DC voor iets mooiere en strakkere graphics.
65 (Dec 01, 2000)
Un bon jeu de shoot, mais un jeu de shoot seulement. La variété ne vous étouffera pas et même si certaines missions sont assez intéressantes, on vient bien vite à bout du maigre challenge proposé par un jeu qui aurait mieux fait de ne pas quitter les salles d'arcade.
61 (Nov 27, 2000)
Eigentlich schade: Konami hätte dem Game einen speziellen Controller spendieren sollen, dann wäre aus Silent Scope mit Sicherheit ein Klassiker geworden. So macht die Steuerung das Spiel zum Gemurkse. Da Silent Scope ohnehin nicht die jüngeren Spieler anspricht (FSK 18), wäre es mit Sicherheit eine gute Entscheidung gewesen, eine Light-Gun zu integrieren; aber so kommt einfach nicht das Feeling rüber und man schmeißt den Controller sehr schnell entnervt in die Ecke.
60 (UK) (Feb 17, 2001)
I'm sick of praying for sequels to games that didn't quite make the grade, so in this case I'm just going to say that Silent Scope isn't good enough. It lacks replayability, scope (hah!) and it costs £45. If you're happy in the knowledge that you'll be done with this in a day, then by all means buy it, it's a top quality arcade game, but if you want something that will hold your attention, look elsewhere.
Silent Scope är ett alternativ för den envetne och hårdspelande PlayStation2-ägaren som i brist på alternativ väljer en kort, och föga funktionell men ändå arkadklassisk upplevelse.
There is little reason to own this. The Dreamcast also received a port which is along the same lines as this one. The only way to go is on the X-Box which has a simulated sniper rifle peripheral which allows this game to be played very close to it's arcade counterpart. That disc also has all 3 games of the series included. This is a game better off skipped, even for die-hard fans of gun games.
GameSpot (Oct 30, 2000)
Silent Scope has a lot going for it. But the added training mode in the home version doesn't make up for the fact that you can master the game in less than a day. Add to that the extremely substandard control, and you're left with a game that is barely worth renting.
Game Revolution (Nov, 2000)
Silent Scope really deserved some better treatment for its home console incarnation. Gun usage would have made it a closer match to the arcades, and more levels would have made me feel much better about it on Day 2. Even tweaks to the already well constructed levels would have been great. It's too bad Silent Scope just doesn't have that long lasting flavor to keep you satisfied.
Gamekult (Dec 04, 2000)
Très amusant en salle d'arcade grâce à sa mise en scène, Silent Scope en version PS2 est bien moins convaincant, le pad ayant hélas remplacé le fusil à lunette. Cette simple conversion très (trop) fidèle au jeu lasse au bout de deux ou trois parties, même si ces dernières seront intenses grâce à un rythme de jeu effréné et des boss délirants. Pour fanas absolus de Virtua Cop & Co uniquement.
If you aren’t physically trembling with excitement at the thought of playing a sniper game on your PS2, I will unconditionally warn you against purchasing Silent Scope. Even if you are such a fan of the subculture that you feel you can really identify with Antonio Banderas’ performance in Assassins, I would still warn you against buying this title. While it sounds good and looks great, between its imprecise controls, too-short story mode and anemic shooting galleries, there’s absolutely no reason to even lock this product in your crosshairs, let alone fire off a round with your credit card. The 50 dollars would be better spent at the machine in your local arcade, if only because of the rifle controller.