The Simpsons Game Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Even the save-load screen is stylized as a news report from The Simpsons!
The intro to the entire game - it all started in the Simpsons' house, as usually...
Each chapter has its own animated intro movie. These can be re-watched and certainly belong to the game's highlights
One of the early levels. The game conveniently tells you which character or which ability you need to solve the very easy puzzle
Homer is jumping in his dreamy Land of Chocolate
You can explore the house between the missions. Unfortunately, you can't explore the rest of Springfield! The free-roaming mode is not present in this version...
Homer can roll over things when he has eaten enough and became fat
Lisa plays her saxophone to stun enemies!
Lisa uses her Hand of Buddha ability to lift heavy objects
Marge can summon people with the megaphone. Maybe Flanders here will be interested?
Marge orders Flanders and Apu to attack this advertisement!
Bart is using his "Bartman" gliding ability!
Lisa is fighting evil dolphins
See that thing on top the tent? These are collectibles. You can collect them. I think I came up with a good and precise explanation
Fighting a colossal doughnut guy - an obvious parody of Shadow of the Colossus
You'll see pretty much every important (or less important) character from the show either in cutscenes or in-game
It's time for Homer to kick some alien butt!
Famous people make cameo appearances. Do you recognize this guy?..
Save 8-bit virtual Simpsons from a horrible fate!
Homer and Marge as elves in a parody of fantasy-themed games
Destroy the dragon Selma before she burns the village!
Finally, you get inside the coveted Grand Theft Scratchy game! Cat hookers and mouse gangsters abound
Overlooking a French city in "Medal of Homer", a parody of... well, seriously, do I have to tell you that?..
Young Grandpa Simpson and young Mr. Burns in a politically incorrect cutscene
Homer is staring at French women in front of a church
Many cutscenes are downright ridiculous - but always very true to the spirit of the series!
Homer in a cheerful Japanese game
Sumo wrestlers start fighting each other and forget about Homer!
Entrance to Matt Groening's mansion! It is well protected by his lawyers!
Hmm, now this looks really weird...
As always, The Simpsons' logic is impeccable
One of the later levels. Bart is being knocked down by a Hamlet-wannabe