The Sims 2: Castaway Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Customizing a Sim.
My current crew: up to 6 Sims can be included.
When customising a Sim you can change all the usual things such as hair, clothes, jewellery, body shape, face etc. Personality is determined by their star sign
Once the Sim creation phase is complete there's a short sequence which leads up to them being cast away on the island
After being washed up on the beach the game offers the player a tutorial
This is tutorial tip one
The goals are 'Learn to survive. Find your way home'
This is how the Sim gathers supplies
Pressing START brings up the pause menu. From here the Sims health, inventory etc can be accessed
Food! The tutorial says eating food is important so it's important to do this regularly. Because she's hungry this coconut is eaten straight away. When she's not hungry she can eat it or save it
The Sim comes with some basic supplies, a knife, and toilet paper
A basic survival skill is making fire to cook food and stay warm. All building activities are controlled by plans that are accessed via the pause menu
We now have a fire and a home so we can start taking on jobs
The Right joystick controls the camera angle and zoom. Here's a long shot of the beach showing the Sim up a tree
There's often treasure inside the clams. No use to a single Sim as yet but good to know
Good to know that eating clam meat satisfies the Sim's bladder requirements
Once the Bladder Motive is unlocked the Sim needs to attend to that need regularly. This is done by accessing the toilet paper in the inventory
The big silver rotating feet indicate a portal that the Sim can explore. Exploration is not possible until the Sim has mastered basic survival skills
Exploring the island. One of the first locations to be found is Shipwreck Lagoon
As the Sim explores they come across lost books, these add to the Sims knowledge and goals
The Social Motive has been unlocked and we've made a friend. The game says friends are important even if they are imaginary or primates
Shipwreck Lagoon is not called Shipwreck Lagoon for nothing