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Jolt (UK) (Dec 02, 2005)
SingStar 80’s is a difficult game to score, as it really (for us, at least) holds very little appeal when by yourself. With a group of friends though, it’s easily the most fun you can have with a PS2. Even people who don’t like karaoke, or gaming in general for that matter, will be on their feet with a microphone in their hands within minutes of cracking out a copy. If you’ve got any friends at all, especially with Christmas coming up, it’s time you grabbed a copy of this, dusted off your EyeToy, and prepare for some unforgettable parties. If you’ve got a previous version and like the eighties, then grab the solus pack – it’s only about twenty quid. You and your friends will look like cocks, but life’s too short not to have this much fun.
EL33TONLINE (Dec 06, 2006)
Are you ready for the 80’s revival? Madonna, Billy Joel and Vanilla Ice are, and they are all waiting to infiltrate your living room through SingStar 80’s, the forth edition to the SingStar series. A total throwback to the 80’s era, this selection features no new songs (not counting songs that have been redone) so is likely to only appeal to the 25 upward age group. This in mind, it does have a pretty darn good selection that won’t take 80’s noobies long to learn.
70 (UK) (Oct 17, 2005)
So, version four's out the door and Sony's still content to milk the idea a little bit more without actually improving the technology behind the game. We're wholeheartedly in favour of the more targeted approach of an 80s version of the game, and apart from going for some dreadfully obvious choices it's not a bad little package. If Sony could offer more tracks per release it'd be worth the money, but as it stands it feels a little overpriced for the existing fans who'd be more than justified in feeling a little brassed-off with the idea of spending more on what is essentially the same game as last time with new tunes. But if you've somehow managed to resist the temptation to teach the world to sing, get on board the Singstar bandwagon with the '80s edition, without doubt the definitive edition to date.
Singstar 80's isn't anything new, it isn't breaking any ground, and the novelty of using a microphone to play a game just isn't there anymore. However, if you're a fan of the series and a fan of the 80's then this game is definitely worth picking up. We're a little disappointed that Studio London seem reluctant to try anything new; the technology is becoming a little out of date now and the option to hum is always there, but as it stands this game offers one of the best tracklists. The only way to judge if you want to pick this game up is if the track list appeals to you, and thankfully it appealed to us.