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SingStar Party (PlayStation 2)

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SingStar Party Credits


Fallin'Alicia Keys
SolidAshford & Simpson
Ain't No SunshineBill Withers
Hit 'em Up StyleBlu Cantrell
No Woman No CryBob Marley
Video Killed the Radio StarBuggles
Year 3000Busted
Girls Just Wanna Have FunCyndi Lauper
SurvivorDestiny's Child
White FlagDido Armstrong
Hungry Like the WolfDuran Duran
Don't Go Breaking My HeartElton John, Kiki Dee
Way DownElvis Presley
Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
FaithGeorge Michael
Cosmic GirlJamiroquai
Real ThingsJavine
I Should Be So LuckyKylie Minogue
Tutti FruttiLittle Richard
This LoveMaroon5
SingleNatasha Bedingfield
Just Like a Pill Pink
Take Your MammaScissor Sisters
I Got You BabeSonny & Cher
GoldSpandau Ballet
Who Do You Think You AreSpice Girls
I Think We're Alone NowTiffany
A Little TimeThe Beautiful South
Build Me Up BattercupThe Foundations
Every Breath You TakeThe Police


ProducerPaulina Bozek
Lead ProgrammerRichard Bates
ProgrammersWill Cowling, Lauri Sarkka, Charu Gupta, Antonio Garcia
Library ProgrammersTim Dann, Vince Diesi, Sebastien Rubens
Additional ProgrammersAndrei Jefremov, Bryony Wilson, Dan Phillips, Mark Lintott
Song Content CoordinatorMiki Grahame
Song ContentJim Fowler
Art DirectionAlex Townsend
Lead ArtistNicky Place
ArtistAlex Townsend
Additional ArtistsMiki Grahame, David Kirkland
IllustratorGary Newman
Lead DesignKevin Mason
DesignCharlie Hasdell, Eric Matthews
Aditional DesignMark D. Green
Mix EngineeringDan Bardino
Sound DesignDan Bardino
Music Licensing CoordinatorSergio Pimentel
Music Licensing AssistantMartin Hewett
Song Composition ConsultantRichard Jacques
Audio ManagerDavid Ranyard
Graphic DesignAlex Townsend
Additional Graphic DesignAndrew Hamilton, David Kirkland, Oliver Wright
Manual & Packaging DesignAndy Hope, Andrew Hamilton, Alex Townsend, Gary Newman
Executive Vice President, DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Director, London StudioJamie Macdonald
EyeToy/SingStar Games DirectorMichael Haigh
Design and Content ManagerEric Matthews
Communications ManagerNancy Gatehouse
Purchasing ManagerGail Williams
Purchasing AdministratorJames Lilley
Marketing ManagerMark Hardy
Product ManagerNatasha King
PR ManagerCharlotte Panther
Assistant PR ManagerRebecca Rice
European Release ManagerLouise Welch
Manual and Packaging TextSam Holding
QA Manual ApprovalClare Crawley, Martin Hill
Print ProductionMatthew Bristow, Rachel Glenister
LegalAnthony Hodgson, Hogarth Andall, Denise Carroll, Albert Marshall
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
QA Submissions ManagerDave Bennett
QA SupervisorGareth Spencer
Lead TesterAndrew Durney
TestersMark Slade, Lee O'Connor, Barclay Christmas, Lee Jones
Lead TRC AuditorPaul French
TRC AuditorsJohn Hale, Michael Kennedy, Keith Derby, Christopher Atkinson, Daniel Giles
PlanningVanessa Wood
Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
Localisation SupervisorDomenico Visone
Localisation Lead TesterNadine Martin
Localisation TestersSilvia Ferrero, Thomas Gruenewald, Nadège Josa, Katharina Tropf, Mathias Donoso, Tim Holsken, Alessandro Piana Bianco, Matthias Pokorny, Yolanda Akil, Paolo Parrucci, Pauline Brisoux, Ramon Calvo, Rafael Deogracias
Thanks toNamtai, Omnivision, Jason Page, Michael Dean, Garry Taylor, Hiromi Churchard, Kieren Mayers, Mike Nabarro, Solo Gadjali, Margie Lee, Hasan Gdjali, Ian Montandon, Shiho Deruiter, Liz Hill, Vicky Lord, Laura Owen, Carole Wright, Deepa Patel, Shyamal Patel, Martin Rollinson, Erin Ryan, Blue Source, Oil Factory, Automatic Television, Kauser and Bilal, Adam and Adelin
Microphone DesignMichael Haigh, Richard Bates, Paulina Bozek, Namtai, Omnivision, PTI Indomachine

Music Credits

"Build Me Up Buttercup" Performed byThe Foundations
"Build Me Up Buttercup" Words byMacleod/Macauley
"Build Me Up Buttercup" Music byMacleod/Macauley
"Build Me Up Buttercup" Published bySony/ATV Music Publishing, Interworld Music Ltd/BMG Music Publishing Ltd
"Build Me Up Buttercup" Reproduced by permission ofEMI United Partnership Ltd
"Video Killed the Radio Star" Performed byBuggles
"Video Killed the Radio Star" Written byBruce Woolley, Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn
"Video Killed the Radio Star" Published byUniversal/Island Music Ltd
"Video Killed the Radio Star" Used by kinf permission ofCarlin Music Corp, Universal Music Publishing Ltd
"Year 3000" Performed byBusted
"Year 3000" Words and Music byJames Bourne, Mattie Jay, Charles Robert Simpson, Steve Robson
"Year 3000" Published byRondor Music London Ltd
"Year 3000" Reproduced by premission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"Take Me Out" Performed byFranz Ferdinand
"Take Me Out" Published byUniversal Music Publishing Ltd
"Take Me Out" Produced byTore Johansson
"I Should Be So Lucky" Performed byKylie Minogue
"I Should Be So Lucky" Written byStock Aitken Waterman
"I Should Be So Lucky" Produced byStock Aitken Waterman
"I Should Be So Lucky" Published byMike Stock Publishing, Matt Aitken Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Ltd, All Boys Music Ltd, Sony, ATV Music Publishing
"A Little Time" Performed byThe Beautiful South
"A Little Time" Published byUniversal/Island Music Ltd
"Survivor" Written byAnthony Dent, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, Mathew Knowles
"Survivor" Published byHitco South, For Chase Music Inc, Music of Windswept
"Solid" Performed byAshford & Simpson
"Solid" Words & Music byNickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson
"Gold" Performed bySpandau Ballet
"Gold" Written byGary James Kemp
"Gold" Published byReformation Publishing Company Limited
"Way Down" Performed byElvis Presley
"Way Down" Published byRay Stevens Music
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Words byHazard
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Music byHazard
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Published bySony/ATV Music Publishing
"Tutti Frutti" Words and Music byPenniman/Labostrie/Lubin
"Tutti Frutti" Published bySony/ATV Music Publishing
"Real Things" Words and Music byWriksen, Hermansen, Hallgeir, Hylton, Pitman, Grinnage, Murry
"Real Things" Published bySony/ATV Music Publishing, Blind Man's Bluff Music, The Royalty Network Inc, Nothing Hill Music
"Who Do You Think You Are" Words and Music byEmma Bunton, Geraldine Halliwell, Paul Wilson, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Beckham, Andrew Watkins, Melanie Brown
"Who Do You Think You Are" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"Ain't No Sunshine" Words byBill Withers
"Ain't No Sunshine" Music byBill Withers
"Ain't No Sunshine" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"Faith" Composed byGeorge Michael
"Cosmic Girl" Words and Music byKay/McKenzie
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Performed byDuran Duran
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Words and Music bySimon Le Bon, Roger Andrew Taylor, Roger Andrew Taylor, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Reproduced by permission ofGloucester Place Music Ltd
"No Woman No Cry" Performed byBob Marley, The Wailers
"No Woman No Cry" Published byFifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd., Odnil Music Ltd., Blue Mountain Music Ltd.
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Performed byElton John, Kiki Dee
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" Composed byAnn Orson, Blanche Carte
"Take Your Mamma" Performed byScissor Sisters
"Take Your Mamma" Words and Music byScott Hoffman, Jason Sellards
"Take Your Mamma" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"I Think We're Alone Now" Performed byTiffany
"I Think We're Alone Now" Words byRitchie Cordell
"I Think We're Alone Now" Music byRitchie Cordell
"I Think We're Alone Now" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"Every Breath You Take" Performed byThe Police
"Every Breath You Take" Words by Sting
"Every Breath You Take" Music by Sting
"White Flag" Composed byDido Armstrong, Richard Nowels, Rollo Armstrong
"This Love" Performed byMaroon 5
"I Got You Babe" Composed bySonny Bono
"Fallin'" Words byAlicia Augello-Cook
"Fallin'" Music byAlicia Augello-Cook
"Hit 'em Up Style" Performed byBlu Cantrell
"Hit 'em Up Style" Words byDallas Austin
"Hit 'em Up Style" Music byDallas Austin
"Single" Performed byNatasha Bedingfield
"Single" Words and Music byNatasha Bedingfield, Andrew Frampton, Steve Kipner, Wayne Wilkins
"Single" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
"Just Like a Pill" Performed by Pink
"Just Like a Pill" Words and Music by Pink, Dallas Austin
"Just Like a Pill" Reproduced by permission ofEMI Music Publishing Ltd
Thanks toRachel Iyer (Sony/ATV Music Publishing), Caroline Hope (Sony/ATV Music Publishing), Melanie Johnson (Sony Music), Kate Naylor (Sony Music), Greg Turner (Universal Music), Tracie London-Rowell (Universal Music), Ross Pelling (Universal Music Publishing), Steve Hills (EMI Music Publishing), Nick Oakes (EMI Music Publishing), Tom Foster (EMI Music), Hywel Evans (EMI Music), Gary Downing (Warner Chappell Music), Katie Riding (Warner Chappel Music), Tonia Andrew (Warner Music), Briony Jeffries (BMG Music Publishing), Steve Ashford (BMG Records), Adam Bradley (BMG Records), Gary Clay (BMG Records), Suzi Scott (Chrysalis), Rayne Milligan (V2), Shan Teo (Bucks Music), Denise Black (Virgin Music), Ann Murray (Virgin Music), Matt Fletcher (Prestige Management), Michelle Stoddart (Sanctuary Music), Lucy Anderson (Mike Stock Publishing), Raj Porter (Champion Music), Helen Dann (PWL Music), Sharon McPhilemy (PWL Music), Indi Chawla (Windswept Music), Seigo Takeshima (Cherry Lane Music Publishing), Paul Brownstein (TV Classics), Jennifer Baptiste (Carlin Music), Gary Seeger (Mushroom Records), Steve Dagger (Reformation Publishing), Leo Whitney (Notting Hill Music), Harry Martin (Domino Records), Andrew Spacey (MCS Music), Carol Fawcett (Ace Records), Bill Belmont (Fantasy Jazz)

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (74159)