SingStar: Party Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
London Studio logo
Opening video shows some people having fun with the game and how it all works
Main Menu
Options (obviously, I didn't position the screen properly)
Checking out the top 10 charts
Song selection screen displays the CD cover of album on which the song was released
You can play each song in normal full length, or shortened version
In freestyle mode there are no points awarded and you can sing along just for fun without pressure that comes when competing
You can turn on pitch display in freestyle mode to help you learn a song better
You can stop the song at any point and chose another, listen to the playback, try again, or quit the current game in progress
When a song is an actual duet and only you sing it, you can select whose lyrics will you sing along to
With playback option you can listen to yourself and how you sang
In party mode, you can try a friendly duet to combine the score or select battle to try and top your oppenent's score
When two players are singing, the red/blue color will identify who's turn is it, and the score will increase accordingly
You may enter your name under which you'll be known on charts and to enable autosave option
Selecting difficulty level applies to how correct will your pitch have to be, tolerance will be higher or lower for mistakes
Singing solo along with Cyndi Lauper to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" song
Good voice pitch in "White Flag" song by Dido
The better you sing, pitch display will start to glow blue to give you more points (yup, that's David Boreanaz in the video)
One of those rare songs I was hopeful at, and it seemed to have scored me the second place
I dunno about Kiki Dee, but this duet is going to be sang by Elton John and MAT, apparently
Certain points in the pitch will sparkle, and if you get it right you get rewarded with loads of extra points
Singing it right but below the pitch is no good, zero points award for sure
Well, nobody's perfect, but to be acclaimed as tone deaf is never a good sign
"I should be so lucky" to be able to sing along Kylie so good
If you are quiet at certain interval, no pitch will be displayed, so you should at least hum to try and score some points
I always wanted to know how long I can keep a high pitch on the same level... yeah right
This Spice Girl is not that happy because I sang so cool, it's all just a part of the video ;)
When you sing a duet without another player, you will be able to figure what to sing by the player mark and the color on the lyrics