Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Credits


Sucker Punch ProductionsJoanna Wang, Travis Kotzebue, Tom Mabe, Suzanne Kaufman, Stephen W. Johnson, Sean Smith, Scott Wiener, Rob McDaniel, Rick Bauer, Ramey Harris, Rafael Calonzo Jr., Paul Whitehead, Nate Fox, Guillermo Diaz, Matthew Scott, Ken Schramm, Kathy Anderson, Karin Madan, David Stiner, Darren Bridges, Darren Rice, Dan Brakeley, Christopher Blankley, Chris Bentzel, Chris Heidorn, Chris Zimmerman, Bruce Oberg, Brian Fleming, Bill Rockenbeck, Bart Kaufman, Augie Pagan, Andrew Woods, Adrian Bentley, Adam Smith
Sound & MusicBill Wolford, Peter McConnell
Quality AssuranceBritta Timmerman, Robert Fuller, Chris Tobolski, Erik Davis, Randy Parcel, Marquel Basurto Sr., Cameron Harris
Additional ArtHokyo Lim
Voice ActorsKevin Miller (Sly Cooper), Matt Olsen (Bentley), Chris Murphy (Murray), Kevin Blackton (Panda King, Muggshot), Leo Chin, David Scully (LeFwee, Octavio, Dimitri), Annette Toutonghi (Penelope), Rick May (Dr. M), Terry Rose (The Shaman), Michael Devlin (Black Spot Pete), Ruth Livier (Carmelita), Max Pham (Jing King)
Game Dialog/Voice Productions - Bad AnimalsWendi Wills, Carrie Palk, Sam Gray
Thank youMatt Siems
Very Special ThanksGrady Hunt, Elodie Hummel, Darrell Plank
Sly 3 BabiesAidan Basurto, Evelyn Bridges, Maxwell Fleming

SCEA Product Development

Senior ProducerGrady Hunt
Associate ProducersGreg Phillips, Sam Thompson
Director of Product DevelopmentConnie Booth
Vice President of Product DevelopmentShuhei Yoshida
Executive Vice President of Product DevelopmentJack Tretton
Director of Tools, Technology and ServicesBuzz Burrowes
Cinematics Audio PostGreg DeBeer
Director, First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)Michael Blackledge
Senior Manager of Test OperationsRitchard Markelz
Game Test ManagersBill Person, Sam Bradley
Game Test EngineersAndrew Woodworth, Caley Roberts
Quality Assurance AnalystMarlan Smith
Assistant LeadsBryan Pardilla, Stanley Phan
Contingent Quality Assurance AnalystsA. J. Chelson, Alex Angulo, Dan Fowler, Felix Tong, Greg Gould, Jeff Thurman, Jesse Reiter, Lee Vieira, Oscar Ruiz, Ruslan Zats, Spencer Bravo, Truman Simpson, Vance Wu, Victor Tong, Von-Royce Villanueva
Lab TechnicianAra Demirjian
Supervisor, Project ManagementEric Ippolito
Project Management AssistantJustin Flores

SCEA Marketing

Director, Product and Online MarketingSusan Nourai Panico
Senior Product Marketing ManagerJohn Koller
Associate Product ManagerMaggie Rojas
Product Marketing SpecialistChuck Lacson
Senior Director, Promotions and Sports Product Marketing Sharon Shapiro
PromotionsDonna Armentor, Janeen Anderson, Ami Brown, Aimee Duell, Johanna Legarda, Mary Thomas, Bob Johnson
Senior Director, Communications and Brand DevelopmentMolly Smith
Public Relations ManagerJennifer Clark
Public Relations SpecialistAlyssa Casella
Director of Direct and Online MarketingSteve Williams
Direct and Online MarketingEric Lempel, Josh Meighen, Christopher Hagedorn, Jonathan Ries, Cyril Tano
Director of Creative ServicesEd DeMasi
Creative Services SpecialistSteve Ervin
Creative ServicesAlicia Beam, Peggy Gallagher, Marie Macaspac, Ted Jalbert
Point of Purchase SpecialistMiguel Godinez
Packaging and Manual DesignPetrol Advertising
Manual DocumentationGregory S. Off, Offbase Productions
Legal and Business Affairs GroupShelly Gayner, Jim Williams, Suzanne Williams
Special ThanksWe would like to thank each individual at Sony Computer Entertainment America for their contributions, support and dedication to the success of Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves with special recognition to the Exeuctive Management Team including, Kaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Jim Bass, Glenn Nash, Frank O'Malley, Steve Ross, Riley R. Russell III, Shuhei Yoshida

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Riley R. Russell III, 161 other games
Kaz Hirai, 150 other games
Ritchard Markelz, 149 other games
Eric Ippolito, 139 other games
Glenn Nash, 129 other games
Andrew House, 128 other games
Jim Bass, 108 other games
Susan Nourai Panico, 102 other games
Molly Smith, 100 other games
Steve Ross, 94 other games
Donna Armentor, 91 other games
Buzz Burrowes, 90 other games
Bob Johnson, 88 other games
Sharon Shapiro, 84 other games
Frank O'Malley, 80 other games
Michael Blackledge, 78 other games
Connie Booth, 77 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8615)