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Smuggler's Run (PlayStation 2)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Smuggler's Run Credits

Angel Studios

ProducerAlan Wasserman
Lead DesignerWing S. Cho
Technical DirectorSteven Reed
Lead ProgrammerCharles T. Eubanks
Director of Product DevelopmentClinton Keith
Lead A.G.E. ProgrammerDavid Etherton
Art DirectorKyushik Shin
Lead ArtistBert Huntsinger
World "Traxx" Tool CreatorBill Purvis
Vehicle Dynamics ProgrammerJeffrey J. Roorda
AI ProgrammerSmith Surasmith
Angel Game Engine (A.G.E.) ProgrammersBill Hicks, Alexander Ehrath, Sean Skelton
Sound ProgrammerJim Laurino
Physics ProgrammersNathan Carlin, Samuel Buss
Support ProgrammersKahn Jekarl, Mark Rotenberg, Mark Beazley, Todd Meynink
Front‑End/UI ProgrammerWil Paredes
3D Artists/World BuildersBrian Vanderhulst, Drew Medina, James Graham
3D Vehicle & User Interface ArtistDavid McGrath
Character Models & AnimationDianna Davies
Additional 3D ArtistsLisa Mulvaney, Michael Carnick
Sound DesignerJay Levorson
Design DirectorFrederic Markus
Level DesignMarc Fredrickson
Addition DesignMauro Fiore
Game Analyst/Production AssistantsEric T. Smith, Josh Hart
TestersDerek Wood, Sean Davis
DocumentationRobert Bacon
CEO/Business DevelopmentDiego Angel
Creative DirectorMichael Limber
Special thanks to all of the people behind the scene that made this game possible:Steve Rotenberg, Brad Hunt, Julie Liss, Michael Mattes, Rafael Diamond, Jo Kilburn, Kristen Sinclair, David Counts, April Bolds, Devan Hammack, Ben Dai, Janson Yip, and all of the families and significant others that do so much in support of the development team.

Rockstar Games

Executive ProducerSam Houser
ProducerJeronimo Barrera
Associate ProducerBobby McCarthy
Technical ProducerGary J. Foreman
Dialog DirectorDan Houser
Video DirectorJamie King
Rockstar Production TeamJung Kwak, Jenefer Gross, Kevin Gill, Brian Wood, Stanton A. Sarjeant, Jennifer Kolbe, Terry Donovan, Linn PR
Technical CoordinatorBrandon Rose
QA ManagerJeff Rosa
Lead AnalystMark Garone
Test TeamRichard Huìe, Joseph Greene, Jeremy Pope, Lance Williams, Adam Davidson, Neil McCaffrey
Gang Logos Designed byZoo Media Inc.

Smuggler's Run Voice Over Artists

Radio GirlLanette Ware
Gordon Temple, leader of The ForgottenMark Blum
Frank O' Grady, of The O'GradysJohn Randolph Jones
Pedo, fighting for the working man with the A20sJuan Hernandez
Conchita Gonzalez, leader of The Sierra CartelSocorro Santiago
Pierre, passionate Francophile and Quebecois fighterSimon Jutras
Brandon, bored employee of the U.S.-Canadian Border PatrolDon Stitt
Smith, CIA agent.Jay Keating
Jon, proud enforcer of the Southern U.S. Border PatrolShea Wigham
Colin, The United States ArmyRodd Houston
Engineer from DBS PlusMark Fellows

Thanks to:

Ivan Pavlovich, Rob Kouchoukos, Martin Stary, Tobias Berblinger

Smuggler's Run Live Action Credits

Live action courtesy of:Shoemaker Productions
Editors:Chris & Paul @ Gotham Media

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Carnick (26)