Written by  :  alex block (3)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2003

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Wow, this game is good!

The Good

As a 4 man SEAL team commander you have to lead your team through a swamp in Thailand to the deepest part in Alaska. Leading your team is a piece of cake. Yes, I said lead, lead your team. You can tell them were to go and how to go or deploy or defuse a bomb grenade so on, so fourth by talking through your headset or by using your controller. And to top this off the 3 other SEALS who help you are smart! Gameplay is excellent and sooooooooooooo realistic. You actually feel like a real SEAL (which stands for sea, air and land) without having to lay in the mud for 24 hours. Well...no ya don't actually do that in the game. There's a little more action. You get to shoot, stab and rifle butt people. But be careful don't go around having a shooting frenzy because many times the Iron Brotherhood (the terrorist group you fight throughout the game) has hostages or bombs and the guys you kill have radios. So if the lead Terrorist finds out it could be no more hostages or a big boom. And when you are finished playing you feel like you have been through World War ll.

The Bad

Out of all the things in this game I have two complaints. My first complaint is that if you are at a lower rank in the game (Ensign, Lieutenant JG) the Terrorists are... um...well stupid. Note, only in the lower ranks are the Terrorists stupid. I mean you could shoot the guy right next to another Terrorist and the 2nd guy wouldn't care. My second complaint is blood. When you shoot a guy 3 times 5 gallons of blood doesn't come out. Can't anyone including SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS make blood look realistic and make the amount that comes out realistic.

The Bottom Line

My final rating of this game is 8.5 out of 10.0.

Amazingly good gameplay, ok graphics make up a super duper game. If you're looking for a game were you use strategy plus firepower and stealth this is your game.

Since I didn't tell you much about this game (and thats probobly why you are here unless you just want to make fun of my work) I'm going to include some more info:

SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS has alright graphics. They make every thing look 3D though but the costumes/uniforms that the seals & terrorists use look blurry. The controls for this game well... take you a long time to learn. But once youre finished learning them (by the way there are 49pg in the SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS instruction manual. No I am not kidding. If you don't think thats not a lot loook at the an other instruction manual. Ha told ya.) the options are endless. You can climb, shoot, stab, rifle butt, jump, get prone, crouch, stand, hide bodys, pick up a Terrorists radio or exchange guns with a dead Terrorist, blow up stuff, open doors, close doors, through a grenade, shoot another seal, walk quitly walk loudley, turn something on or off. There's more. I know you don't believe me. Come on this aint no commercial. I'm not saying no shipping and handleing price. There really is more. Also before you are deployed for youre mission you can out fit youre guy. Well...sorry you cant actually dress your character, who is codename Kahuna. That would be cool. But you tell me: Would you rather put cloths on a guy or put guns grenades and more in a guys hand. That's what I thought soooooooo...to make that even more fun there are over 40 weapons COOL. During the game you have missions, ok big news, not. But you have 2 kinds. Youre primary missions and secondary (kinda like guns you got a primary big gun and a secondary litle one.) missions. In the game you always have about 3-4 primary missions. These must be carryed out for you to have a succesful mission or in simpler turms a done mission. There are about 10-15 secondary missions that are optional. If you want to do em though you win differant guns. Alright that's I have to offer so go out and get this game. Ya better cause if you read all this and didn't get this game it would be a shame and any way this game is good.