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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Power Sonic (Dec 11, 2012)
Sonic Riders chega para mais uma vez salvar a série de jogos fracos, sendo um bom spin-off. De início foi visto como um "Sonic Heroes 2", no que diz respeito a "um simples spin off feito para fã se divertir sem se importar com a qualidade e consistência do jogo". Mas Sonic Riders de fato cumpre este papel fielmente e consegue ser um game muito bom. Dá gosto de jogar o game mais de uma vez, algo que infelizmente não ocorre muito com Sonic R. A comparação, aliás, com Sonic R acaba sendo inevitável a qualquer fã... é um jogo mais que recomendado.
AceGamez (Apr 02, 2006)
Sonic Riders is an enjoyable little title with surprisingly good gameplay, and the multiplayer is a must try if you do end up getting hold of a copy. Although the game is a little on the difficult side, I've haven't had this much satisfaction from winning a race since winning Wipeout races on the ole PSOne. Sonic Riders doesn't boast too many tracks, nor does it have an online mode, which is a shame, but a bit of unique futuristic racing with familiar faces is what I'm after these days, and Sonic Riders delivers on that front hands down. I bet Nintendo wish they'd have thought of this first!
71 (Mar 22, 2006)
Auf dem Papier hört sich der Titel eigentlich perfekt an. Leider hält er nicht ganz das was er verspricht. Sind Geschwindigkeit, Abwechslungsreichtum und das typische Sonic-Feeling zweifellos vorhanden, kränkelt es diesmal leider ein wenig in Sachen Gameplay. Zu viele Anzeigen, zu undurchsichtige Levels, schwer kontrollierbare Airboards und ein bissiger Schwierigkeitsgrad lassen den kessen Igel leider über sein Ziel hinausschießen. So reiht sich Sonic Riders leider nur zu den guten aber nicht herausragenden Racern ein – Schade, ich hätte dem Kulthelden mehr gegönnt.
GameZone (Feb 21, 2006)
It's not everyday that the world's most famous blue hedgehog trades in his running shoes for an air board. Sonic is known for his unstoppable footwork; his ability to collect rings at NASCAR speeds while running rings around his goofy adversaries. He's the king of organic environments, traversing corkscrews faster than two-wheeler from Extreme-G. The animal kingdom regards him as their savior – instead of spending their lives trapped in circular tanks, birds, squirrels and other woodland creatures can roam freely thanks to Sonic, who graciously took a minute away from his busy schedule to press the release button on top.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2006)
Like most popular platformer franchises, the Sonic series has dabbled in the racing genre in the past with games like Sonic R for the Saturn. Despite the fact that Sonic's already-speedy nature might seem like a perfect fit for a racing title of some sort, the results of these attempts have been disappointing thus far. Sonic Riders is the latest attempt to get Sonic back on the race track, though this one eschews the typical kart- and foot-racing brands of racing one would usually find in a racer starring popular platformer heroes. Instead, Riders gives Sonic and pals their very own Back to the Future II-style hoverboards, which they can use to dart and dash around wacky tracks of varying levels of difficulty. Unfortunately, Sonic Riders isn't really all that much better than any of Sega's previous attempts to make Sonic a racing hero, simply because it can't quite manage to keep its diverse and chaotic racing mechanics together into one cohesive package.
64 (Mar 30, 2006)
What Sonic Riders boils down to is a fairly predictable F-Zero-alike which is a few racing classes below. There's a competent multiplayer, squillions of unlockables and a mission mode to boot, but despite a couple of new ideas, playing Sonic Riders is more about frustration and white knuckled perseverance rather than fast-paced enjoyment. At any rate, it's not as bad as Shadow the Hedgehog (thank god) and is hopefully a step in the right direction for a character that continues to be stuck in a bit of a rut.
IGN (Feb 23, 2006)
Someone at Sonic Team has really got to lay off the Marketing for Dummies books. Undoubtedly discovering that players sometimes gravitate toward games with guns, the pioneering Japanese studio last year created Shadow the Hedgehog, which was more or less Sonic Adventure with weapons. The added shooting mechanics were arguably the weakest additions to the formula.
UOL Jogos (Mar 16, 2006)
"Sonic Riders" supostamente foi feito para ser um jogo de corrida cujo atrativo é a diversão simples e a velocidade supersônica habitual da turma do ouriço-terrestre, mas essa pretensão encontra obstáculos logo na primeira curva. Ainda sobra muito para explorar e se distrair, mas quando finalmente você conseguir dominar as curvas, talvez o jogo já não tenha mais nenhuma surpresa.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 16, 2006)
Sonic Riders is far from the worst example of a platformer-turned-racer we’ve seen (anyone remember Bomberman Fantasy Race?), and it’s definitely a better outing for the series than Shadow the Hedgehog. Just the same, this is a highly flawed game. There’s a lot to do and see here, but the gameplay and mechanics can be frustrating and annoying, the story mode is pointless, and the voice acting is truly bad.
MAN!AC (May, 2006)
Wirres Leveldesign, ungenaue Steuerung und schlechte Spielballance vermiesen Sonics Raserei.
57 (May 04, 2006)
Auch wenn die Idee von Sonic Riders keine schlechte ist, rasen Sonic und Co. dem Spielspaß auf ihren Hoverboards einfach zu oft hinterher. Die Geschwindigkeit stimmt, aber die Steuerung reagiert teils viel zu träge. Die Strecken sind hübsch und abgefahren, aber einfach zu unübersichtlich. Zudem wird der Spielfluss durch undynamische Boxenstopps gehemmt, während das primitive Tricksystem trotz nettem Luftstrom-Feature auf Dauer einfach zu wenig zu bieten hat. Dabei kann sich der Umfang durchaus sehen lasen. Der an den Haaren herbei gezogene Story-Modus oder die drögen Arenenwettkämpfe entlocken einem hingegen lediglich ein müdes Lächeln. Über sinnfreie Hintergrundgeschichten und spaßfreie Zusatzmodi kann man bei einem Rennspiel jedoch hinweg sehen, aber das unausgewogene Spielerlebnis lässt den Überschalligel einfach nicht aus dem Racer-Mittelmaß heraus schießen.
The majority of your gameplay time will involve trying and retrying the courses, feeling out the alternate routes. Sure, you've got to pull off a few tricks here and there to keep up your momentum, but SSX it ain't.
Games TM (Mar, 2006)
Sonic Riders is not without value, especially for the Sega hardcore. However, its balance is ultimately flawed and the inclusion of jet-boards feel almost arbitrary. It could have been a novel new twist on the character racer, but instead Sonic Riders falls flat.
What’s that feeling? It’s strange…unfamiliar. Could it be…nostalgia for Sonic Heroes? As sad as it sounds, I think Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders have finally made me look back with affection for a time when Sonic games at least managed to achieve mediocrity. Sonic Riders places the usual gang atop some sci-fi hoverboards and sends them through a series of races conceived by Eggman in service of some rather incomprehensible and silly plot points. I shan’t waste your time with the details.
50 (Mar 16, 2006)
Sonic Riders a pour lui sa réalisation en plus de quelques idées intéressantes comme le système de turbulence et les figures à réaliser indispensables pour faire remonter sa jauge d'air, mais tout cela est en grande partie gâché par une jouabilité vraiment médiocre, par un nombre de circuits assez faiblard aux tracés mal pensés et par un niveau de difficulté trop élevé.
GameSpy (Mar 07, 2006)
Think back to the heyday of SSX, Tony Hawk and all things extreme. Talk about missed opportunities. Sega could've named this Sonikk Riderzz XXX. Cross-promotional tie-ins with Mountain Dew, Johnny Moseley and Jackass could have had all the kids in line to buy Sonic's madcap racer. If only someone had foresight, maybe we wouldn't be receiving a lukewarm, SSX clone-ish, Sonic racing game in the year 2006. Still, I didn't even see one Sonic Riders billboard during any of the snowboard events of this winter's Olympics…which causes me to question Sega's enthusiasm for its hero's latest exploits.
PSX Extreme (Mar 08, 2006)
But, in the end, it's the gameplay that matters most. That's where Sonic Riders fails. Racing games are supposed to be games of skill, not chance. Sonic Riders, despite all of its shortcuts and power-up items, feels like a game of chance. What's more, it's also a real pain in the ass to play.
The game does deserve props for its innovative approach towards drafting and the starting line, but the remainder of the content is a mangled mess of blue fur and something rank.
The A.V. Club (Mar 29, 2006)
Like SSX on Pixie Stix, Sonic Riders is basically a tricked-out snowboarding game, but it's played over mixed terrain with "Extreme Gear," which is just a fancy way of describing the hoverboards from Back To The Future Part II. In story mode, the precious Chaos Emerald is swiped from Sonic and his buddies by the Babylon Rogues, a group of thieves with connections to the ancients. While Sonic and co. mope over their loss in Metal City Plaza, the diabolical Dr. Eggman announces an Extreme Gear event called the "Ex World Grand Prix," in which the first prize is a Chaos Emerald. Facing off against their nemeses from the Babylon Rogues, Sonic and friends alternate racing over various tracks in a no-holds-barred contest with jumping, drafting, shoving, and numerous shortcuts and bonus rings.