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80 (Nov 25, 2008)
Speed Racer: The Videogame might seem a little shallow for more experienced racing fans but it's still fun with a racing style that will keep most gamers amused for a little while. At a budget price however, this is great value, particularly for younger fans of the movie.
IGN (Oct 17, 2008)
Speed Racer: The Videogame's biggest problem is just that there isn't really enough of it. I suspect that the blend of racing and combat may not have been deep enough to sustain things beyond what was burned onto the disc, but the fact that I do want more -- stuff like online multiplayer or a track editor -- just means that Sidhe managed to strike the right balance. Is the game lacking? Yeah, in that it's essentially one mode with some one-off distractions, but for straight racing, the game really does deliver. And hey, it's only $20. Not bad for a licensed game, eh?
NZGamer (Nov 28, 2008)
All up though, Speed Racer is colourful, funny, has good music and the graphics still hold up on the aging PS2. In fact, I would go so far as to say Speed Racer makes a much better game than it does a movie.
60 (Oct 17, 2008)
Speed Racer prend à contre-pied les a priori négatifs que peuvent avoir beaucoup de joueurs à l'égard d'une adaptation tirée d'une licence. Fun, très jouable, bien pensé et possédant une véritable personnalité, il s'impose comme une alternative sympathique aux jeux de course futuristes de la machine. Malgré une durée de vie très limite, le prix abordable de Speed Racer peut tenter au point que l'on craque. A condition que l'on aime cet univers "kitcho-furutiste" évidemment.
Gameplanet (Dec 02, 2008)
Many of you will remember playing racing games like Gran Turisimo, coming back time and time again to gain increasingly difficult licences. Speed Racer had potential to be a thrilling racing title but shoots itself in the foot with sloppy design and a cringe inducing game engine. The dated multiplayer options do little to rectify the situation, leaving this title gathering dust on my shelf. Unless you’re a massive Speed Racer fan, avoid.