Spider-Man: The Movie (PlayStation 2)

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Not as good as the originals James Kirk (159) unrated
Doesn't matter which system you put it on, it is grat in every way. Exodia85 (2149) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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When Activision and Neversoft Entertainment released Spider-Man for the PlayStation back in August of 2000, everyone's first reaction was that there is another horrible comic to game translation. Activision proved everyone wrong, as it was the first game to capture the essence of a comic book superhero. Since the first games' release, Vicarious Visions developed a second game entitled Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. That game improved on several things of the original game, but still had its share of problems. This time Activision has chosen the talented developers at Treyarch to create the latest Spider-Man game (based on the movie opening next month).
GamePro (US)
Spider-Man doesn’t get paid. Action is his reward. And it’s yours, too, if you pick up the web-slinger’s PS2 debut. Every Spider-fan knows that with great power comes great responsibility. Treyarch and Activision have shouldered both for Spider-Man’s debut on the PS2, and the results are, well, super.
Gaming Target
When it's all said and done, Spider-Man is just in plain, and overall, a great game with a few shortcomings that need a bit of fixing up on in order to make the best outcome a game could be. Spider-Man, while it probably is the best Spider-Man game available on the market, the problems within, albeit only a few generally can't be overlooked. For anyone who's a fan of the web spinning and swinging super hero will most likely find major interest in the game. Even for those people not too indulged in the comic book story behind the man in the mask, but are specific fans of the film, might want to check this game out anyway, given the fact that there's many secrets to be unlocked and enjoyed for a good amount of play time that'll last for weeks to come.
In the small world of videogames, nearly every superhero game has earned its place next to the lost and buried Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges for good reason. It's sad, but true, superhero games usually suck. Thanks to Activision and its developers, however, the Spider-Man series has risen above the drudgery of games with restrictive, dumbed-down design and poor implementation to reflect the personality and spirit of the comic books themselves.
Une aventure du tisseur à découvrir par tous les fans du célèbre héros. Le gameplay de Spider-Man : The Movie est une totale réussite que seule une difficulté trop importante vient quelque peu entacher. Les graphismes sont impressionnants et dans la veine du film, on en prend plein les yeux à chaque niveau grâce à des environnements particulièrement soignés et des animations fluides et détaillées.
UOL Jogos
Senão fosse por esses dois problemas de peso, Spider-Man certamente poderia ser um clássico instantâneo. Claro, fãs do personagem não devem perder a chance de viver essas aventuras - mas fiquem avisados que algumas frustrações acabam minando os melhores aspectos desse título.
To conclude, then, Spider-Man is a game that die-hard fans of the character will love; but fans of the genre may deem a little average. Nothing too deep, but enjoyable none the less.
Spiderman has had without any doubt, the best video game showing of any superhero character. Dating back to the SNES and Genesis days, Marvel's biggest franchise has been in some of the best licensed titles for each console. Maximum Carnage by itself was one of my favorite SNES games. The Amazing Spiderman on Genesis was no slouch either (Sega developed, no less), several appearances in Capcom's VS titles, and his stellar showing on the original Playstation. So with those standards in mind, Activision enlisted Treyarch (who were responsible for the DC ports of THPS 1 and 2) to work on Spiderman: The Movie for PS2. The game is, of course, based on the new Sam Raimi film of the same name. While I can't compare the two yet, if this game is any indication of what the movie will be, there's nothing to worry about.
Spider-Man: The Movie seems like a bigger and better version of previous Activision Spider-Man games that have appeared on the PlayStation and the Dreamcast, and for the most part, that's true. The game's 3D environments are much larger and better-looking, and there's significantly more detail throughout them. But underneath all of that is a game that is remarkably similar to its predecessors, despite various refinements made to the controls and the gameplay.
Good news if you can't get enough web-slinging, skyscraper-straddling, thug-stomping action; Activision's Spider-Man convincingly delivers in terms of granting gamers an enjoyable movie-to-videogame treatment, especially considering some of the abominations of yesteryear (the craptacular Men in Black for the PSOne springs instantly to mind).
Game Informer Magazine
Having enjoyed the PlayStation Spider-Man adventures, I was pretty excited about this release. Now, I’m wallowing in disappointment, having discovered that Spider-Man is just another middling third-person action game that falls prey to the fatal flaw that fells so many of its ilk: a bad camera system. Don’t get me wrong – this game is fun. Treyarch has made some nice improvements to the gameplay; including a quick zip-line web that makes scaling buildings a breeze, and a bevy of unlockable combos that give some semblance of the depth to the beat-em-up action at hand.
Game Revolution
Any readers with acute arachnophobia should turn their browsers elsewhere. GR is about to kick out more eight-legged goodness than Charlotte's Web by checking out Spider-Man: The Movie, an action game not unlike the movie in its impressive effects and technology.