Written by  :  Bob the Stickman (299)
Written on  :  Aug 05, 2010
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars
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Fun the first time, but then it get's old...FAST!

The Good

Now, fans of Spyro, don't get mad at me. While I'm not a die-hard fan of his, I found this game to be quite enjoyable... the first time anyway. The gameplay was fairly fun. The graphics were pretty good. The humor was a bit too childish for me, but I'll let it slide. There are also a lot of things to get like the eggs and the light gems and all of that. Annnd, that's about it for me. Now, I said that the game was fun the first time, right? Well...

The Bad

...that's the main problem for me about this game. The fact that it's only fun the first time. When it comes to replay value, there is none! Oh, sure. You have the mini-games and all of that, but is there really anything else to do?

Well, you could collect those eggs the Nanny lost... but by the time you get all of them, there really won't be any game left to use them on! For example, if you collect all of the Pink eggs, you can play as that pink dragon you see in the first level. Well, kind of. The voice (Spyro) is still the same and there are no differences in gameplay what so ever. The only thing that changes is the skin!!!

Also, you can't replay any of the bosses or missions in the game (apart from the final boss). Once you complete the game... that's it. And you don't even get anything special at the end. So, like I said, no replayability at all.

The Bottom Line

Well, if you want a fun game you can only play once without starting another file, be my guest. If not, just pass it up.