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    The highly anticipated sequel to SSX is gettin' set to fly off a cliff near you. SSX Tricky is coming straight at you with insane, sick UBER tricks, surreal mind-blowing worlds, and a cast of funky-fresh characters. Suck up the biggest adrenaline you've ever inhaled with all of your favourite SSX courses tweaked for more speed, more elevation, and more insane thrills, plus two wild new tracks that will blow your mind. Hit the mountain harder with SSX Tricky by EA SPORTS BIG. The sky is your stage.

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    EA Sports BIG's seminal boarding sim returns in an epic tale of man versus mountain...

    Given the ever increasing popularity of the sport, it seems a little strange that there aren't more snowboarding games on PS2. Then again, with competition as fierce as EA's mighty SSX series, you can't really blame other publishers for not wanting to try their hand at the sport. The original SSX was a runaway success, the sequel, SSX Tricky, added new characters, moves and courses to the mix, but SSX 3 takes the series to dizzying new heights. While Tricky was essentially a kind of 'remix' of the original game, EA has gone back to the drawing board for this third incaranation, introducing a whole new game structure, new trick types and new challenges. It might retain the series' colourful graphic style and inherent playability, but SSX 3 is a huge beast of a game compared to its predecessors.

    The first thing you'll notice about SSX 3 is that it gives you a great deal more choice in what you want to do. In the previous two games, you had a good old fashioned front end menu. You selected a boarder and course, chose Race or Showoff and then hit the snow. In SSX 3, once you've selected a rider, you're dumped unceremoniously onto a huge mountain comprised of three massive peaks. From there, you can board around to find Races, Big Air events, Slope Style events, Super Pipe events, collectible items and the all new Big Challenges. Your boarder carries a personal digital assistant, which can be used to take ski lifts or quickly access specific events.

    Once in a Race or Slope Style (formerly Showoff) events, it's pretty much business as usual, only you have a more formidable arsenal of tricks than ever. Most significantly, taking a leaf out of Tony Hawk's book, SSX 3 now features grind and flatland tricks, which manage to both look great and increase your high scoring combo opportunities. Meanwhile, the newly added event types add whole new dimensions to the tried and tested SSX formula. In particular, the Big Challenges (of which there are 100 on each mountain peak) add impressive variety to the game, testing just about every facet of your boarding ability to the max. Your progress is suitably rewarded with a range of trophies, medals and extra attribute points to boost your boarder's abilities.

    Visually, the SSX series has come on in leaps and bounds too. Although it hasn't renounced the colourful environments and funky characters (six old favourites return, alongside four new hopefuls), SSX 3 is a far more polished affair than its predecessors. In particular, a lot of love has been lavished on those all-important special effects, and it's fair to say that SSX 3 features some of the prettiest snow and weather effects seen on PS2 to date. If you only buy one PS2 snowboarding game this year, it'll have to be SSX 3 (there aren't any others coming out, y'see), but it's a hugely important addition to the 'action sports' genre nonetheless and comes very highly recommended.

    • New 'Open Mountain Environment' - do what you want, when you want

    • All new events and trick types - Big Air, Slope Style, Super Pipe and Big Challenges

    • Funky new characters: SSX veterans Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon, and Kaori plus Viggo, Nate, Griff and Allegra

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Apr 15, 2008. – GameCube:

    Frosty Mountain Majesties

    SSX 3 refreshes the snowboard-bangin' SSX series on the GCN with a massive new mountain and an avalanche of alpine-fresh tricks, runs, gear and goals.

    With SSX 3, EA unleashes the best game yet in its over-the-top, big-air snowboarding series. Featuring staggering improvements in gameplay, graphics and music, SSX 3 is a significant improvement over its fantastic predecessor, SSX: Tricky. In SSX 3, you can divide your board time between the fierce competition of Race and Freestyle modes and the uplifting freedom of Freeride. Hitch a ride on an Osprey aircraft to explore the titanic new mountain; you'll always be the first boarder riding the freshest powder. While you're riding, land tricks to fill your trick meter: as soon as its full, you can pull off huge Ubertricks. Land four Ubertricks and you'll be able to attempt absurdly-sick Super Ubertricks!


    • Earn some green by winning races and competitions, then blow it all at the Lodge on new boards, clothes, characters and music.
    • Choose your rider from 10 unique characters, each with their own unique set of gear and upgrades.
    • Face rival riders in Race and Freestyle competitions or ride solo through the back country in Freeride.
    • Rocket into near-earth orbit on the Super Pipe and land astounding tricks.
    • Weather and snow conditions dynamically change on the three peaks of Big Mountain.

    All of the action takes place on Big Mountain. Instead of limiting players to pre-specified runs, your SSX 3 lift ticket gives you free access to every inch of the three peaks that make up the mountain. You can even start a run on the top of a peak and ride all the way down to the bottom by stringing together a long series of runs. The enormity of Big Mountain provides a powerful sense of exploration and freedom, adding another layer to the game's gripping immersion.

    After being dropped off by a hovering Osprey, you'll carve your way down the slopes in search of new challenges. The main events are easy enough to spot, but exciting new challenges lie off the beaten path. In addition to winning challenges and competitions, you can collect cash while you scream down the mountainside by collecting hidden Snowflakes.

    A massive new mountain isn't the only aspect that pushes boundaries: the graphics have been overhauled and polished to provide blinding visuals and character customization has been extensively expanded.

    Bottom Line

    Adrenaline-soaked challenges, postcard-perfect vistas, and breathtaking Ubertricks elevate SSX 3 above-and-beyond anything previously seen in the series. Gamers looking for a snowboarding experience packed with over-the-top tricks and death-defying runs should pick up SSX 3 and carve their own path down Big Mountain.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 28, 2005. - GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox:
    Eine völlig neue Erfahrung: SSX 3 - Es gilt, einen riesigen Berg zu erkunden, in dem der Spieler völlig in das Schneeparadies eintauchen kann. Ein einzigartiger Aufstieg erwartet den Spieler, und wenn er den Gipfel erreicht hat, gibt es den ultimativen Ride: ein unglaubliches Areal zum Boarden, zum Erforschen und für ausgedehnte Wettkämpfe. Der Spieler findet in dieser einzigartigen Bergwelt offene Strecken mit hervorragenden Schnee sowie Trick-Events, Railparks, Rennstrecken und unglaublichen Half-Pipes. Hier gilt es, neue Tricks zu bewältigen und gegen neue Gegner zu bestehen.

    Das SSX-Team hat ca. zwei Jahre daran gearbeitet, die zentralen Elemente des Spiels nicht nur zu verändern, sondern von Grund auf neu zu erstellen. Es wurden viele neue Erfahrungen sowie unterschiedliche Spielmodi integriert. Der Spieler kann als eingefleischter Snowboard-Veteran oder als lernfreudiger Anfänger ins Spiel einsteigen. Außerdem kann er andere Fahrer herausfordern oder sich an die größte Herausforderung überhaupt wagen - den Berg selbst.


  • Offene Berg-Umgebungen: Die Fahrt beginnt am niedrigsten Gipfel des höchsten Berges, und dann geht es weiter von einem atemberaubenden Gebiet ins nächste. Der Spieler kann an Wettbewerben teilnehmen, Big Challenges annehmen und versteckte Sammelobjekte freischalten. Wenn alle drei Gipfel einer Aufgabe erobert wurden, geht es darum, den ganzen Berg zu erobern.
  • Charaktere: Vier neue Rivalen für die bekannten Charaktere. Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon und Kaori sind wieder da und erhalten Verstärkung vom verrückten Schweden Viggo, dem Bergriesen Nate, dem 12-jährigen Genie Griff und der hochtalentierten Allegra.
  • Natürliche Grafik: SSX 3 trumpft auf mit beeindruckender Grafik mit realistischen Schatten und Schnee, der glänzt und das Licht reflektiert und sogar vom Winde verweht wird. Das sind nur einige der zahlreichen Umgebungsdetails, kreiert von einem für den OSCAR® nominierten Hollywood-Designer. Durch dieses einzigartige visuelle Erlebnis wird der Spieler noch mehr in den Bann der SSX 3-Welt gezogen.
  • Mehr Tricks: Die Tricks sind absolut gigantisch in SSX 3. Eine Reihe von neuen Über-Tricks, die miteinander kombiniert werden können. Auf der Piste können bestimmte Über-Tricks in SSX 3 nicht nur gezeigt werden - mit einem neuen Feature und einem Tastendruck kann der Spieler eine Kombination unendlich lang ausführen!
  • Soundtrack: Der Soundtrack von SSX 3 ist pures adrenalin - mit einer großen Bandbreite an Künstlern wie X-Ecutioners, Felix Da Housecat, Queens of the Stone Age, N.E.R.D. und vielen anderen (komplette Tracklist: siehe unten).
  • Individuelle Spielvarianten: Mit SSX 3 kann der Spieler das Spiel nach seinen Wünschen gestalten. Er hat die Möglichkeit, in verschiedenen Events (Rennen, Big Air, Slope-Style und Super Pipe) anzutreten, oder sich einfach kurzfristig entscheiden, im "Freestyle" über die Piste zu boarden.
  • Big Challenges: Zahlreiche Herausforderungen eröffnen sich dem Spieler, wenn er die weitläufige Bergwelt erkundet. Auf Anzeigetafeln grinden und eigene Grenzen setzen und Ziele stecken - es gibt mehr als 100 Herausforderungen, die es immer wieder neu zu bestehen gilt.
  • Individuelle Einstellungen und Belohnungen: In SSX 3 wurden sowohl die Invidualisierung der Charaktere als auch das Belohnungssystem erweitert. Es gibt Medaillen und Pokale zu gewinnen, und die Fähigkeiten der einzelnen Boarder können mit einem neuen System aufgewertet werden. Der Spieler kann sogar die einzelnen Gipfel mit einem neuen Namen belegen, wenn er sie einmal erobert hat. Neben den Charakteren (einschließlich Cheats, mit denen du deinen Charakteren zu Höchstleistungen verhelfen kannst) können auch eine persönliche Playlist und vieles andere nach eigenem Belieben verändert werden.

    Soundtrack - Tracklist:

    DISC 1
    1. Don´t Let The Man Get You Down - Fatboy Slim (Exclusive New Track)
    2. Mas - Kinky
    3. Poor Leno - Röyksopp
    4. Freeze - K-OS
    5. All Night - Swollen Members
    6. We Don´t Care - Audio Bullys
    7. Leave Home - The Chemical Brothers
    8. Like This - The X-Exutioners (Exclusive Track)
    9. Rockstar - N.E.R.D. (Nivens Classic Club Blaster Edit)
    10. Glass Danse - The Faint (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
    11. Do Your Thing - Basement Jaxx (Jaxx Club Remix)
    12. The Bitter End - Placebo (Junior Sanchez Output Remix - Exclusiv Track)

    DISC 2
    1. SSX3 Trailer: A First Look At SSX3 (An Introduction To The Game, Game Characters...)
    2. SSX3 Behind The Scenes (Making Of SSX3)
    3. Poor Leno - Röyksopp (Video)
    4. 2 SSX3 Screensavers For PC
    5. 3 SSX3 Wallpapers For PC
    6. 10 SSX3 Character Icons For PC
    7. Tips & Tricks SSX3

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Electronic Arts UK website - PlayStation 2:

    On the piste with go anywhere gravity.

    From the team that brought you breakout console arcade style hits SSX and SSX Tricky, we present SSX3 - an all new full mountain experience. Conquer this monumental peak by carving it up where you want, when you want, and how you want.

    SSX3 raises the bar with a variety of all new open mountain experiences. Over the top Race competitions, dedicated Freestyle events, unique Big Challenges, and pristine Backcountry areas. SSX3 is the ultimate ride.

    With almost 2 years crafting the SSX3 sequel the team has managed to both preserve and improve the core experience by adding loads of new experiences and ways to play. Buckle up your bindings as a returning veteran or keen new rookie. Get ready to take on other riders - and the biggest challenge yet - the Mountain itself.


  • Open Mountain Environment: Get dropped onto the lower peak of the biggest mountain you've ever seen. You'll seamlessly board from one awesome area to the next - entering competitions, taking on Big Challenges, and discovering hidden collectables. Master the Challenges on all three peaks in your quest to Conquer the Mountain… and make it your own.

  • Characters: SSX3 has four new rivals joining six returning SSX Tricky characters. Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon, and Kaori are back. They are joined by the crazy Swede Viggo, mountain man Nate, 12 year old phenom Griff, and the ultra hot, ultra talented Allegra.

  • Rich, Natural Graphics: SSX3 boasts amazing graphics like incredibly detailed shadows and snow that sparkles, reflects light, and even blows in the wind. These are just some of the rich environmental details created by an Oscar nominated, Hollywood visual effects wiz. The amazing visuals will come together to totally immerse the user in the SSX3 world.

  • More Tricks: The tricks are completely blown out in SSX3. There is a collection of new Uber Tricks where users can combo and hold. Not only will SSX3 have the addition of specific Uber tricks on rails, users will even be able to perform hand plants. With the new board press tricks, gamers can extend a combo string - forever!

  • Soundtrack: An adrenaline charged soundtrack that promises to be one of the game industry's best yet - featuring a braod range of music from such artists as the Chemical Bros., the Executioners, the Red Hot Chili Peppers - and many more.

  • Play How You Want: With SSX3, users will be able to choose how they play - and how they progress. Users will have the option of competing in a variety of events (Race, Big Air, Slope Style, and Super Pipe) or at the last minute opting to take off and freeride.

  • Big Challenges: Take on any number of unique challenges as you explore the extent of the mountain world. Grind billboards, board press logs, even hand plant the fence line. There are over 100 challenges that will have you trying again and again.

  • Customization and Rewards: SSX3 has also expanded the character customization and rewards system. You'll earn medals and trophies to fill up your trophy room, level up your riders' abilities through a deeper attribute system, and even rename the peaks as you master them. Along with characters being fully customizable (including over the top cheats to equip them with) you can customize your personal play list - and much more.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Jun 18, 2004.

Press Release:


    Hotly Anticipated Title Hailed as “The Best Snowboarding Game Ever” by Trade Publications Including PSM and Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 21, 2003 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that SSX 3 has shipped and is now available at retail under the EA SPORTS BIG’ brand. The third installment in EA’s flagship action sports franchise, SSX 3 is now available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox’ video game system from Microsoft, and Nintendo GameCube’. SSX 3 will also be released for the Game Boy® Advance on November 4th.

    SSX 3 challenges gamers to drop in and conquer a massive, living mountain three times the size of Mt. Everest. Sporting an all-new open-ended gameplay structure, gamers are free to ride anywhere gravity takes them, seamlessly snowboarding from one gravity-bending challenge to the next as they take on the mountain’s three larger-than-life peaks. Gamers who survive the challenge will be rewarded with an epic 30 minute ride down the entire mountain.

    SSX 3 offers more than 20 snowboarding events, made up of race and freestyle trick competitions plus scores of insane “BIG Challenges.” The game also includes four new characters (for a total of 10), dozens of new over-the-top “Uber Tricks”, a new combo system for ultra-high point totals and more than 1,000 unlockable items. In addition, SSX 3 offers online play for the PlayStation 2 console, allowing gamers to compete in head-to-head competition and chat with their friends (requires Internet connection, Network Adaptor for the PlayStation 2 console; USB headset, and broadband connection required for voice chat).

    SSX 3 has received rave reviews from industry trade press, including perfect scores in magazines including Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine and PSM. Both have hailed SSX 3 as “the best snowboarding game ever.”

    The game’s EA TRAX’ soundtrack features new tracks and remixes from today’s biggest artists, including Fatboy Slim, Jane’s Addiction, N.E.R.D., Queens of the Stone Age, The Chemical Brothers, and The X-Ecutioners.

    SSX 3, which was developed by EA Canada, is rated “E” (Everyone) by the ESRB and retails for $49.95 on console platforms. For more information on the online features of the product, see the platform-specific pages at, the official home page for SSX 3.

    About Electronic Arts Electronic Arts (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of $2.5 billion for fiscal 2003. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under three brand names: EA SPORTS’, EA GAMES’, and EA SPORTS BIG’. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA’s products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at


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PlayStation Holiday Catalog 2003 - Print/website:
    Life begins at the summit of the first peak where a daunting mountain awaits you-ride it, explore it, and beat it. Featuring all–new freestyle events and racecourses, jaw–dropping tricks, and a cast of cool, customizable characters, SSX 3 is yours to conquer.

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Back of Case PlayStation 2/XBox/GameCube:








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