Star Wars: Battlefront II Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
The singleplayer menu, showing the different types of game play available to you.
Loading screens before campaigns will give you helpful hints
Team selection screen. On instant action or multiplayer type games you can decide which side you'd like to be on.
You can play as a stormtrooper defending the Death Star
A heavy trooper, wielding a rocket launcher and wearing a skirt, defends the TIE fighter hangar bay
If you lose all your command posts, you get a "Defeat" screen
After each campaign, the stats screen gives you a rundown of how each team member performed
These Acklay creatures on the planet Felucia can kill a trooper in a single swipe
At certain points during the game, you might gain the ability to play as Heroes, such as the Jedi master Rayla Secura
Rayla's powerful light sabers will cut through enemies like butter-- so keep her alive as long as you can
Rebel pilots in the hangar bay getting ready to launch
Rebel pilots head toward the hangar bay, ready for battle
In space battles, you can pilot familiar Star Wars vehicles such as this X-Wing
Y-Wings are slow and don't hold up well in a dogfight
Galactic Conquest, a turn-based strategy mode where you build up fleets and conquer planets