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Star Wars: Racer Revenge (PlayStation 2)

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Star Wars: Racer Revenge Credits

Rainbow Studios

Game DesignersBrian Coonce, Jordan Itkowitz
Technology LeadMark DeSimone
Lead ProgrammerTravis Hilterbrand
Game Programming TeamAnthony Silva, Michelle McDonald, Tim McGraw, Patrick Aikens, James Comstock, Jeff Ehrman
Technology ProgrammingMike Chow, Rick Baltman, Doug McNabb, Houman Meshkin, Jared Harp, Dennis Booth, Adam Kraver, Mike Bruce, Eric Patrick
Additional ProgrammingTom Shepherd, Michael Morace, Jason Bucher
Lead ArtistBrian Coonce
Game Art TeamKevin Riley, Josh Spradling, Shaun Bell, Jose Fontanez, Scott Whitworth, Jack Joseph, James Panzer
Additional ArtistsDavid Dwire, Brad Ruminer, Eric Clark, Wil Paras, Roman Stepanov, Panya Inversin, Bret Church, Jami Becker, Todd Sue
AnimatorsBruce Hall, Tony Stutterheim, David Dwire, Paul DeNigris, Brad Doan, Stanley Fuka, Michael Klucher, Rob Redden
Concept Art DirectorAndre Kirk
Lead Concept ArtistCarlos Sanchez
Concept ArtistBrian Grabinski
Audio and Sound DesignDan Gallagher, David Lowmiller
Production ManagementScott Novis, Robert Baumsteiger, Nick Koziupa
System SupportDave Favier, Brad Carpenter
Business AffairsEarl Jarred, Jock Patton, Jeff Padden, Jim Barrons
Special ThanksRobb Rinard, Mark Mahler, Peter Choi
Administration and SupportSandy Jarred, Scott Gilbert, Marji Lent, Jessica Hanson, Jamie Vallee, Cecelia Merrill, Christine Bryan


ProducerDale Geist
Lead TesterJohnny Szary
Assistant lead TesterJim Diaz
TestersDavid Silverstein, James P. Marsala, Patrick Bratton, Bryan Finoki, James Barton, Roger Romero
International Lead TesterErik O'Keady
Music Composition and EditingMark Griskey
Star Wars music composed byJohn T. Williams
Sound DesignDavid Levison, Michael Frayne
Voice DirectorDarragh O'Farrell
Voice EditorCindy F. Wong
CastNick Jameson (as Aldar Beedo and Knire Dark), Jake Lloyd (as Anakin Skywalker EP1), Scott Lawrence (as Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker EP2), Dominic Armato (as Ben Quadinaros and Clegg Holdfast), Jess Harnell (as Darth Maul), Tom Kane (as Dax Gazaway and Shrivel Braittrand), David Jeremiah (as Dud Bolt and Occo Ninebar), Bob Bergen (as Ody Mandrell and Gasgano), Clint Bajakian (as Jabba), Roger Labon Jackson (as Kraid Nemmeso), James Kevin Ward (as Mars Guo and Scorch Zanales), Michael Sorich (as Mawhonic and Teemto Pagalies), Lewis Macleod (as Sebulba), Gregg Berger (as Tzidik Wrantojo and Wan Sandage), Andrew Secombe (as Watto)
Director of Product MarketingTom Byron
Public Relations DirectorTom Sarris
Content SupervisorW. Haden Blackman
Associate Localization ProducersShara Miller, Bryan Davis
Special ThanksRandall Breen, Lindsay Call, Dackwood, Michael Gallo, Eric Johnston, Jon Knoles, Jason Lustbader, Tabby Toes, Ratts Tyrell
Very Special ThanksGeorge Lucas

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