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Back of Case - PlayStation 2:

    Take the high-speed turns, crazy jumps and wild gadgets of bigheaded cart racing, jumble it with the gravity-defying hyperspeed pace of Star Wars, and you've got a racing game with an entirely new edge! As one of eight highly stylized Star Wars personalities, you'll zip through a galaxy of locations zapping your friends and beating your opponents in an all out free-for-all filled with crazy powerups, big air jumps, and even a few surprises!

  • Race as one of eight Star Wars characters, each with their own unique personality, vehicle and racing style

  • Nine fully-detailed tracks filled with living creatures from all over that galaxy far, far away

  • Four arenas offer a free-for-all, duck-and-dash experience

  • Over twenty-five gadgets and powerups including boosts, force fields, frontal and rear attacks

  • Five game play modes: Race, Teams, Challenge, Arena, Race Mirror

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Dec 31, 2002.

    Following on from the success of Starfighter and Demolition Star Wars returns... but this time there's something different going on!

    Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing gives you 'Big head' racing at it's finest with gravity defying, high-speed jumps and turns and outrageous gadgets. Anything to give you the edge with 5 modes of play and over the 9 gloriously detailed tracks!

    You can choose to play as 1 of 8 Star Wars characters each with their own vehicle and personality. From Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul to Jar Jar Binks, all your favourites are there┬┐ but who'll win the race to the finish line? Who'll even make it to the finish line for that matter?! There are plenty of power-ups such as boosts and weapons available to ensure that it's not all fair play.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 12, 2001.