Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Yousa thinken yousa fasta than a Gungan!?! Boss Nass takes center stage on the title screen.
Eight of the galaxy's most dreaded....kart racers...await your choosing on the character selection screen.
Ah..the classic Pit of Carkoon 500. Races and arena battles take place in a wide variety of locales from the movies, including the dreaded Sarlacc.
He's no good to me in second place. Boba Fett makes an obligatory appearance as an Easter Egg character.
Wizards! Anakin Skywalker finds himself at the tail bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Have ship, will race. Each character sports a related vehicle as their racer, as Amidala uses her reflective Royal Transport.
Maul finds the bigger fish. And if he's not careful, it may try to eat him.
The White Tower. Amidala and pals race below the crowded Coruscant skyways.
.5 past lightspeed? Where can I get one? Unfortunately, the Falcon isn't merely flies around the background of the asteroid level.
Hello there, Cap'n Tarpals! Mesa on the last lap! The race tracks are filled with familiar visuals.