Stretch Panic Ad Blurbs (PlayStation 2)

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Advertising Blurbs
    A bizarre plot coupled with the strangest graphics to grace Sony's super console are going to shake up your preconceptions of what a console game is all about. Freak Out sees 13 demons on a mission to subvert the 13 prettiest sisters on the planet by possessing them. Unfortunately for the last demon, he ends up possessing the final sister's scarf instead. Revenge is sweet, as they say, and Linda decides to take her revenge--armed with her possessed scarf she sets off to rescue her siblings. Everything the scarf touches will get a get jolt of supernatural energy. Linda can grab, throw climb, pull and even enlarge the enemies she comes across on her quest, making Freak Out the most peculiar 3-D adventure ever.

    • Unique gameplay and 3D world engine
    • Hundreds of objects, enemies and items to explore and deform
    • Each boss and monster will require a different tactic to defeat them
    • Remarkably realistic physics engine

    Contributed by Evilhead (1182) on Nov 28, 2005.