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PlayStation 2 version

Old School Stunts. The opening video displays stunt footage from movies dating back to the black and white days.
I get paid to wreck cars. Before each stunt, the stuntman talks the stunt through for some apparent documentary.
Exotic and not so exotic locales. You'll travel the world doing stunts for films everywhere from London to Hong Kong.
Follow the yellow markers on the road... You'll need to precisely follow the onscreen and verbal prompts in order to make the director happy (who for some reason wants all the stunts in one take).
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but stuntmen are a box's worst enemy.
Caught in the act. Stuntman includes making of footage that shows everything from artists at work to the promotional floor shows.
Design, then destroy. An arena construction set is available for you to make up your own wacky stunts.
You'd think they'd buy the constables better cars. Cars take damage and everything from panels to wheels can come off.
Clone. James Bond Clone. After successfully completing the stunts for a movie, you get to watch a trailer that includes footage from your work.
Below the law. The arena mode allows for jumps over various cars and schoolbuses among the various stunts.
Up, up, and away. Sometimes you'll wonder whether you should have a stuntman's license or a pilot's.